Preliminary understandings towards film festival circuit

The film festival imposes great influence on various areas, including culture, business, entertainment or politics to some extent. It is worth noting that the festival is defined as a cultural form and evolved from time to time. For instance, the modern film festivals differ from the old modes. There are many incredible meanings towards the exists of film festivals. It is necessary, unique, meaningful and indispensable. As to those points, some of my understandings towards the film festival will be discussed as follows.

The film festival enables new directors and promises their works with global exposure. Firstly, the selected movies of the film festival will have opportunities of being known by the public globally. Because of the profit-driven purpose, cinemas often exhibit films with a limited range of types that cater to the public tastes and gain considerable profits. This phenomenon will be damaged to the film industry in the long run as some meaningful and high-quality movies that are not so popular or commercial may not be exposed to the public via movie theaters. Also, the commercial purpose of filmmaking will be consequently put into the first consideration instead of arts, quality, educational meanings or social interests.

Besides, cinemas are more likely to show films produced by famous directors or producers who have already enjoyed a high reputation and been known by the majority. However, the evolvement of film industry relies not only on those successful filmmakers, but on the absorption of new creative ideas and gifted directors of the young generation. In terms of this, the film festival functioning as valuable platforms promises new directors opportunities and helps for the publicity and funds of their works and future development.

As to the trait of film festival, it is often featured as a temporary exhibition venue. That could mean the film festival as an event happening temporarily. When it comes to “events”, there are always alongside with a specific date or a period of time. In terms of this, firstly, the film festivals are usually held regularly. Besides, the film festivals often last a duration at a specific date annually. In all, film festivals are the transitory and temporary fairs with clear beginning and end.

It should also be noted that there have been internal logic and program within a regular ongoing event. Specifically, the schedules of film festivals have its own rules of time. The arrangement of film festival redefines and divides time based on their time schedules and generate special relevance towards time that are different from ordinary times. In terms of that, the time division of an event could be recognized as the combination of internal and external time logic. Those kinds of temporary events could break the perceived meanings towards everyday time and generate new relationships to time.

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