The connection between film festival and culture


During my college internship, I participated in the 3RD Silk Road International Film Festival that held in Xi’an of China as a live arranger in the whole process of the festival. The International Film Festival which began in 2014 and the Third Silk Road International Film Festival was held in Xi’an in 2016. The idea of the entire film industry came from the Silk Road that has originated from hundreds of years ago. The ancient Silk Road crossed broad land and affected the cities and cultures of the countries along the road. Also, the movie is the way of memory, which brings new story and interaction to the theme of the silk road. Xi’an as the starting town of the Silk Road held with the theme of “developing film and diverse culture” to injects more cultural parts into the festival. It creates a platform for Chinese and foreign films to show the art of movies and promotes Chinese films to the world.

There are many activities in the third Silk Road International Film Festival. For example, many old films that showed in the cinemas provided fans chances to recall the classic fragments. At the same time, there are also new film recommendations for fans to watch the new film in advance, and having face-to-face interactions with many stars to exchange views of films. It also had the red carpet at the festival, as well as inviting many people from China and foreign counties. During the festival, directors and filmmakers, celebrities from different countries even famous Hollywood directors and producers also attended. They were divided by diverse film crews to join the day of the opening ceremony for the movie’s propaganda.

At the closing ceremony also had about same sessions with starting ceremony content. In addition to the traditional red carpet, Chinese and foreign guests would exchange more about cultural content of the film, and set up the film promotion activities to provide communication opportunities for film groups and citizens. The whole festival has film selection, exhibition, cultural performances and other activities, but more emphasis on reflecting the national characteristics of the film and culture along the Silk Road.

In my opinion, under the context of globalization, the International Film Festival has built a bridge to communicate the artistic and creative ideas of the world. It is no longer just about stars and news, but also about meeting colourful culture in various forms to advertise culture. Film as a microcosm of culture, like our thoughts, can never be separated from the influence of people around us. To understand the culture of a nation through a movie is a fast way for us to broaden our horizons.

The culture of the festival itself is a representation of the local culture. It cannot deny that a city culture is contained in the festival’s early planning, operation and promotion of all aspects. The image of the city through cultural influences lays the groundwork for the positioning and style of the festival itself, which is an important element. Such as the Silk Road Film Festival based on culture through the film to remove the gap. A film festival linked to culture, which can achieve real communication between the audience and film art.


The Third Silk Road International Film Festival 2018,

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