The Best Foreign Language Film in Academy Awards

Once people mention about film festival, the first thing came into my mind is Academy Awards which is the most famous American film festival. It is usually known as The Oscars and it was organized by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) in 1929. It is no longer the important event in the USA, people around the world pay attention to this film activity. America film industry stands in the top of mountain so Academy Awards is considered as one of the most influential film festival around the world. It is really a tremendous honor for those filmmakers whose works win the award.


The event includes around 25 awards like Best Foreign Language Film, Best Picture which provides more chances for films to some extent. Due to the limitation of the field, the only award for foreign films is Best Foreign Language Film. This award was set since the twentieth Academy Awards and the eligibility is very strict. The selection film must be the large-scale feature film and be on commercial cinemas between the 1stNovember of last year and 31th October of this year, besides, a country can only elect one film for competition. The jury for foreign language film and others are different, the number of foreign film’s experts are less than others’.

Around 59 foreign films have got this award, Italy wins 13 times and France gets award for 12 times who are the winners around the foreign countries. As we can see the film industry in these two countries are in mature stage, in addition, it has to be noticed that Coate d’Ivoire, Chile, Iran these imperfect film industry countries also have win for the Oscar which prove contributions for their film progress.

The themes of the winning films are multifarious and some of them don’t film about the major event like war. However I find almost all films have great significance and meaning, for example, the Iran film: A Separation tells the story about the couple and their family, although the content are focus on some daily things and contradictions, but it penetrates the balance between morality and law.

Among lots of excellent films, there is a special Chinese film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon who won the Best Foreign Language Film in 2001 and it’s the only Chinese film who win this award. Asian culture are totally different from west countries’, Chinese kung fu is a mysterious, distinctive part of Chinese culture which is unfamiliar with west countries, so the unique topic may be the attractive aspect for jury.


As one of the most significant film festivals around the world, it is really a precious chance for filmmakers in other countries to compete the Best Foreign Language Film. It enhances the communication of American filmmakers and others.

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