Rethinking films after watching Under the Cover of Cloud on MIFF



I went to watch the film Under the Cover of Cloud which premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). Under the Cover of Cloud is filmed by Tasmanian director Ted Wilson, and it described as “a feel-good film of family, cricket and one man’s hunt for David Boon”. The reason why I chose this film is that I want to learn about Australian films and filmmakers.

Before I went inside the cinema, I noticed that most audiences of this film are Australian-based. To be honest, I felt a little bit bored during watching this film, although I could understand the dialogue in the film. I didn’t know any of actors and actresses in the movie, and I thought it was so slow and uneventful, and it is just about a man who lost his job and the story of his family.

2 However, I found that some audiences (especially Australian-based audiences) burst into laughter when they were watching some simple scenes, such as the scene of picking lemons from the tree’s high branches. Then I realized the importance of the culture background on understanding a film deeply. Because of different culture background, I couldn’t understand how important cricket is for Tasmanian and who David Boon is. When the film was over, I saw that some people hugged each other.

After watching the film, I kept thinking the whole movie and this different experience.  I did some research about this film and the film director Ted Wilson and started rethinking films, then I knew why this film could be selected to screen at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) alongside Cannes award winners and major Hollywood productions. This movie has been only filmed for about 20 days. “The film is about people, not landscape like many Aussie films. Commonly, Aussie films show landscape when they don’t have enough story, I had story”, says Wilson.

“Ted Wilson produced this film without money and a skeleton crew, and he filmed his own family and scripting nothing” (Cox, 2018). It is not easy to make a successful feature film with no money and plot, but Wilson succeeded.


“I don’t believe you have to do much to make a family engaging on screen,” says Wilson. “Families are inherently dramatic because there’s history and different power relationships. I just wanted to capture that.”

I really appreciate that I can watch this film on MIFF. When I understand the culture behind the film, I think this is a good film. This film let me rethinking what films are. A successful film can be natural, slow and uneventful instead of costing millions of dollars and involving hundreds of people. A good move can make audience relaxed and empathetic. Under the Cover of Cloud means more than a movie to audiences, especially Australian-based audiences. This movie maybe reminded them of some similar experiences, family stories, and even memories of childhood.














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