MIFF:My first film festival experience

In the past, the film festival for me was an event that many of film stars watch movies and give award. I never really understood what it is until last weekend (11, August 2018).

That was my first time to attend a film festival, this film festival is MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival). To be honest, how exciting it is for me to participate in the festival. I often see various film festivals on TV, such as Cannes International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival. On TV, I can always see famous movie stars wearing beautiful clothes to attend the film festival, which is why I am particularly looking forward to this MIFF.

My friend and I came to the venue of the film festival early in the morning. However, what puzzles me is that there are no red carpets at the door, and there are no reporters waiting outside, let alone the film stars. We walked inside, just saw a sign and told us that it was indeed MIFF. There are no other people except the several staff who checks the ticket at the scene, and the staff who are guided to sit in each theater. It just like ordinary movie watching, and it’s too different from what I imagined.


The movie we watched is a 2D hand-drawn animated film from Taiwan called <On Happiness Road>. The film recalls Taiwan’s historical memory through the sadness and happiness of a Taiwanese girl growing up. When I watch a movie, I often hear laughter or sobs from the theater. I guess I was the one of those people who made these sounds. Since I am Chinese, some of the historical plots in the film have also been studied by me, and some of the protagonists’ growth experiences are also I can feel the same. This is why I have a lot of feelings when I watch this movie.


When I finished watching the movie, I suddenly had a new definition of the film festival. We can’t deny that the festival is a commercial marketing tool, but it does give a lot of potential movies a chance to exposure, so that more people can watch them, at the same time, both film festivals and film producers can get benefits. Nowadays, Today, most of the movies that can be shown in the world’s theaters are films that have invited famous movie stars to invest huge sums of money. These movies are also the most attractive to the audience. MIFF shares outstanding film productions from around the world, some of which may be low-cost productions, some of which are not visible in local cinemas. Through such a platform, everyone has the opportunity to appreciate the outstanding movies from all over the world. I think this is one of the reasons why MIFF is so popular. The experience of this film festival not only brought me a new experience, but also made me appreciate a good movie, which is an unforgettable memory for me.

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