MIFF: see another side of films

The annual Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is a non-profit organization which makes a significant contribution to the advance of the Australia’s film industries. Due to the world’s largest display of Australian film and film production venues. As the slogan says, see another side of film.  MIFF has become an iconic Melbourne event. This year’s MIFF is conducted between August 2 and August 19 this year and ended successfully too. In 2018, MIFF beckons people to see another side of film and feel the glamour of different movies. This year’s festival is nothing if not a feast for all the senses. It has a long and proud history of films because it is already held over 65 years and held for the first time in 1952. Melbourne International Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival can be recorded to one of the world’s oldest film festivals.


There are so many substantial film related activities during the Melbourne International Film Festival. First of all, MIFF 2018 offers a particularly international Headliners section- the place to start if the audiences want to see the big films of the year, including 11 movies direct from the Cannes Film Festival. Some new voices from China and the latest and most sensational in VR. Of course, MIFF will not miss the Australian individual movies. It is wonderfully diverse and the movies from blockbuster TV to incredible documentaries to the freshest low-budget indies from a new generation of filmmakers, as well as the Premiere Fund films, the latter all in world premiere. Today, MIFF attracting the world’s best filmmakers and creating new jobs in creative economy. “Undermined: Tales from The Kimberley”, supported by the MIFF Premiere Fund, director Nicholas Wrathall delivers a powerful film that, while, Australian, tells a sadly universal story. It is my first time to watch a movie about the aborigines of Australia. It gives me a great opportunity to know more about this group.


Secondly, MIFF also has fashion related to cinema and MIFF Talks, Industry Public Events and so on. It is well-serviced and everyone can immerse into this big event to enjoy the fascinate movies from all over the world. I also book tickets for some foreign movies in MIFF which haven’t shown in China or maybe delete some plots in China. One is a Korean movie-burning and another one is a Japanese movie, directed by a famous Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda, shoplifters. I think it is an unforgettable experience for me. If I am watching shoplifters in China, I can’t see the full movie. It is profit from the complete rating system. MIFF screenings are strictly 18+ except where indicated. Screenings that are Unclassified 15+ require an adult to attend with anyone less than 15 years of age. MIFF also has MIFF kids Gala and MIFF Schools program provide for children.


Celebrating film festivals means celebrating film as Art, film as a political tool, and film’s invaluable role in society. MIFF has become an alternative cinema network, it not only provide a site for Art house or auteur cinema and global cinephilia, promote the cultural exchange, but also funding the cinema of the global south as well as improve the domestic film industry model because of the springboard for filmmakers. I hope MIFF can always host successfully and an increasing large amount of people can enjoy this journey of discovery.

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