enjoy great performance in MIFF

A Japanese movie, directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, shoplifters is one of the best deep movies in the Melbourne International Film Festival. What made me impressed most not only the plots and what the director wants to express to the public, but also the actors and actress excellent performance skills, especially the Sakura Andô.


The shoplifters, as its name suggests, is a story of a special family of “criminals.” The story of The Thief Family revolves around a patchwork family, a group of unconnected marginalized people who form a “family”, everyone has their own secrets and they choose to ignore this fact. Everyone strives to play their specific family role—grandmother, husband, wife, sister, and children. They rely on theft to subsidize their lives, and they are extremely deficient in materiality; however, they form a relationship of mutual attachment. Sakura Andô is the actor who plays the role of ‘mother’.

At the end of the film, Sakura Andô contributed such a fascinate performance that audiences are all moving deeply when they watching the movies. The deductive approach she took is full of emotion. At the end of the film, the family’s illicit relationship was exposed, and the mother played by Sakura Andô was interrogated for allegedly “abduction”. When the interrogator questioned that she had abducted the child because she was unable to give birth and asked how the two children called her, the tears of her began to shed. She didn’t burst into tears, not even crying, just covering her tears with her hands. The phrase “Whether people naturally can be a mother when they gave birth,” is even more thought-provoking. In just three minutes, Sakura Andô made a good job to show the complex past of this character and the mood of her wish to be a mother. Moreover, when the film was filmed, director changes the script temporarily so Sakura Andô was a semi-improvised performance in this three minutes section.


Contemporary actors and directors gave her a high evaluation. Sakura Andô was interrogated by the police about the energy that broke out. The director Hirokazu Kore-eda appreciates that this performance beyond the language can express the mood. Actor Matsuoka Maki, who also attend the film shoplifters, said, “She is the one that makes the entire actress feel desperate. Sakura Andô’s sister evaluation of her is that “Sakura is an unidentified object, an unknown living body, and a monster cannot touch the margin. She is the amoeba!” In my views, she has unlimited power, when she makes an inadvertent rush into your sight, people will never be forgotten.” Blanchett, chairman of the Cane Film Festival highly remark “If we these actors in the future to show such a cry, do not doubt, it is in imitation of Sakura Andô.” ”

It is not my first time know her great performance skill. I am glad that she attends such a wonderful movie and be known for more people through this movie. I sincerely hope she can take part in more excellent pieces and more great filmmakers show up to shoot the films that focus on social problems and take care of every person.

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