Early experience in the small scale of the film festival


There was a small scale of the film festival at the university when I studied in China. To be exaggerated, it was a microfilm festival. To some degree, it was more like a competition of micro movies. The tiny film festival held by the film school, and mainly aimed at students like us, who study movie and television. There were almost twenty groups take part in the film festival, which means more than ten movies will attend the party.

The topic of the microfilm festival is the ‘spring’, and the time was limited to twenty minutes. When we first time learned the information, different ideas have emerged in the team. Someone thought the spring could be the symbol of the season. It also could be identified as green, or hope. After experiencing several times of group discussions, our group made a final decision, which means the theme of the micro movie is finding the hope of life.

Well, after a one-week preparation, we made a new short film successfully, which called Run. This is a positive story. After experiencing kinds of social challenges, like business and relationship, a young man finally finds out a new target and hopeful life.

During the microfilm festival, a number of creative ideas were showed. And many of them that I never thought before. For example, someone defined the spring as love and relationship, and some groups bring the spring, the word, into his or her works.

Although the scale of the film festival was small, and with limited movies, it was meaningful. On the one hand, the festival could provide a platform for communication. Audiences and producers could always discover different opinions, communicate with each other. On the other hand, it could improve the audience’s the level of appreciation of the movie. When they point out the disadvantages or various ideas, the quality films, as well as novelty thoughts, could be produced.

Nowadays, good works cannot leave without the contribution of the film festival. I really hope the film industry could develop well, with better movies and bigger scale, more audiences would love and support the industry.

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