Creating a film festival is not a simple thing

I was pretty shocked when I heard that we had to create a film festival ourselves in the first seminar. It is very hard for me to create a film festival because it requires a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and of course, professional guidance. Due to the lack of understanding about the film festival before, I don’t understand what preparations are needed. I was quite worried about this unit but I was also very interested in it. Fortunately, after the grouping, I am glad that I can meet so many excellent and responsible team members to work for our film festival. They took the initiative to stand up and lead everyone, record everyone’s contact information, create a chat group on the social media platform, like WeChat and Messenger, and then we have successfully divided a large group of more than 70 people into five teams with specific tasks. I am also very grateful to the team members who trust me to be the team leader of the marketing team.
After getting in touch with the team leaders, we often communicate through messenger and meet at the weekend to have a meeting to discuss our mission and work process. I was very excited and happy in the process of communicating with other team leaders because I found that they are very serious and responsible, and some of them even have experience in events and film festivals. Every discussion we have was very interesting and productive. We discussed the theme, location, and activities of the film festival. Every time we came up with a good idea, everyone was very excited. This made me feel more confident about our film festival and I am increasingly looking forward to our final result.
Through the efforts of the first five weeks, we have already had a rough plan. I am very touched by the team members of each group who have worked together for our film festival. Everyone is very pleased to present their opinions and is willing to listen to other people’s suggestions. The whole teamwork process is so glad and efficient.
Although we still have less than six weeks to show our film festival, with such a good team member, I believe that even the more complicated difficulties we can overcome together. I also realized that this semester I may not only learn about the historical background, development, and academic knowledge of the film festival. I can reach out to the film festival and get to know some professionals. More importantly, I can truly integrate into the film festival, prepare with everyone from scratch, build my own sense of teamwork, and develop my leadership skills, as well.
In the next few weeks, we are about to put the previous plans into action. I am also looking forward to working with the team members and running our film festival day by day. In the 11th week, we will be able to present a perfect film festival to everyone who attends our film festival.

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