Amazing movies in MIFF


Due to kinds of reason, I didn’t join any film festival before. And this is the first time I take part in it. When I saw the introduction of the Melbourne film festival (MIFF), it shocked me. Well, the short movies are the main part, which attends the competition at the film festival. Compare with that, there is a range of films provided in the theater during the periods. Because of I from China, and I’m really focused on the Chinese part in the film festival. The most interesting movie which attracts me called Ash is Purest White (2018), directed by Jia Zhang-ke.

As one of the sixth-generation directors in China, Jia’s works are focusing on the normal people’s life, in the background of revolution of China (Zhu, 2013). He attends the Melbourne film festival as many times and provides his latest product on the show.

It to be honored to watch the first show in Australia. Zhao Tao, Jia’s wife, acts Qiao Qiao, who is the heroine in this film. The whole story is introducing Qiao’s challengeable life in almost twenty years, which can be separated into three parts. In the beginning, the film is telling a beautiful love story, Qiao and Bin love with each other before she shot the gun. The second part is totally different, the heroine was abandoned, and she tried to find the answer. Obviously, Bin let her down. As a result, Qiao disappointed and back to hometown. Finally, Qiao finds a normal job to spend the rest of her life. Jiang Hu, as a distinctive clue, always shows from the beginning to the end. When Qiao rejected the invitation, she already is a member of Jiang Hu.

How to identify the Jiang Hu. Well, as Bin says, Jiang Hu is more like a place where people lives. Jiang Hu includes many elements, like love, hate, friends, enemies, as well as loyalty. When Bin was suffering awkward situation, the heroine helped him, gave a space and took care of his life. Bin didn’t get it and asked the reason. Well, Qiao attributed to Jiang Hu. They are members of Jiang Hu, and they used to be friends.

Jiang Hu is more like a literary quotation, a kind of Chinese culture. It is hard to explain it. Well, in my opinion, Jiang Hu is the society. We are all the members of Jiang Hu.




Zhu, P 2013, The sincere gaze: art and realism in Jia Zhangke’s films, Chinese Literature Today, vol. 10, no.3(1-2), pp. 88-94.

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