The significance behind an award

The Golden Horse Award has the longest history in the Chinese language circle. In order to promote the cause of Chinese film production, it provides a competition award for excellent Chinese films and outstanding film workers. It has awarded many excellent Chinese films and outstanding film workers. It has become the loftiest honorary indicator for the cause of Chinese film production and the cause of Chinese film production. It is of great help and encouragement.


The movie I want to talk about is called July and Ansheng. This movie tells the story of two girls with different personalities who grew up together. In this film, July and Anson envy each other, envy each other, hate each other and love each other, and finally live each other’s appearance. The affection between them has been beyond the fetters of love and surpassed friendship.


At the 53rd Golden Horse Awards, the two actresses of the film won the award of Best Actress, becoming the rare twin actresses in the history of the Golden Horse Awards. After learning about this result, I am happy for the two actresses. It wasn’t the best film, but there were really no rivals at the same time. The two actresses also contributed a lot of superb acting in the film, and the film was worthy of the name. The film tells the story of the relationship between two girls, the two actresses won the prize is inseparable from their mutual perfection. Xu Anhua, a well-known director and the chairman of the Golden Horse Award contest, explained: “When young actors play in large numbers, these two performances should be encouraged.” As a matter of fact, Chinese films are facing a dilemma in which more and more young actors are appearing, some for fame and fortune, others for their own actors’ dreams. However, under such circumstances, fewer and fewer young actors and actresses are performing well, because the capital and rhythm of the Chinese film market have sprung up, leaving less and less time for modern actors. Competition is growing. More and more people are relying on various hype marketing teams to gain fame and fame and want to do something. Fewer actors are good at filming. In this environment, some people are lost and others are sticking to it. The award not only affirms the two young actresses but also encourages young and middle-aged actors throughout the Chinese film industry.

I think this award is very meaningful for young Chinese film actors. In fact, the director of this film is also a young director for the first time. Nowadays, there are many young actors and actresses in the Chinese film circle who have the pursuit. The film circle is also more and more daring to use new people, which has brought more attention and attention to the young film circle. Before that, I had never thought that the meaning and effect of an award would be so great, which inspired me to think more about it as a student of media.

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