The influence of film festivals

Nowadays, there are a great number of influential international film festivals worldwide, such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival and etc. The holding of the International Film Festival not only brings together outstanding filmmakers from different countries, but also allows various cultural forms to meet, collide and fuse in various forms. In addition, the film festival can showcase the most exciting works of contemporary filmmakers. Movie viewers can also see various types of movies at the festival.

The film festival has had a certain impact on the film industry. Firstly, it impacts on the local film industry. Film festivals were born primarily to promote and stimulate the local film industry in each host country. The recognition of local films and the attention and communication opportunities brought by the festival are the driving forces for the development of the local film industry. Secondly, hold the film festival to promote world film culture exchange and trade. The emergence of more and more international film festivals indicates that the film industry has an increasing demand for exchanges between countries on a global scale. During the Film Festival exhibition, you can see international movies that you can’t see at home. Through this kind of cultural exchange and communication, the understanding of the development status of the film industry in different countries can be deepened. In addition to the exchange of information, the festival also has a real trading market, which provides a very good platform for filmmakers, where they can get to know more people in the industry and find opportunities for overseas distribution for their work.


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At this Melbourne Film Festival, I not only saw excellent films from all over the world, but also saw many Australian local films. For example, UNDERMINED: TALES FROM THE KIMBERLEY, which is a documentary about the story of Kimberley, the northwest corner of Australia. The documentary tells that Kimberley’s mineral resources development has destroyed the natural environment, and local indigenous people want to protect the local culture. At the beginning of the documentary, the director used a few beautiful natural landscapes in Kimberley to attract everyone’s attention. At that time, as an audience, I had a yearning for such a beautiful place. This paved the way for the government to develop the land, which led to the destruction of the environment. This film is one of the works of the Melbourne International Film Festival. I think it makes good use of this platform, expresses the creative concept of the director, and also promotes the local culture. Because Melbourne is a multi-ethnic and multicultural city, I think the city is very inclusive. The Melbourne International Film Festival is held in such a multicultural city, and it is more able to pull in the exchanges and cooperation between different cultures.

All in all, I think that holding a film festival not only has a huge impact on the film industry, but it also enhances cultural exchanges and promotes social development.


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