The Experience of Visiting Melbourne International Film Festival

The Melbourne International Film Festival is Australia’s first international film festival. It was founded in 1952. It has a long history and has a certain influence in the international arena. It is held in Melbourne every year for two weeks. The main purpose of the International Film Festival is understanding the film situation in countries around the world, promoting the close cooperation between Australian filmmakers and foreign filmmakers, and contributing to the development of Australia’s film industry. At the same time, the Melbourne Film Festival has also brought some economic benefits to Australia. Its main activities include the screening of feature films, exhibitions, short film awards, presentations, as well as awards. I attended the Melbourne International Film Festival and felt the Australian film culture. I also had a deeper understanding of the film festival. This experience of visiting Melbourne International Film Festival made me have a deeper understanding of many related theories and concepts.miff

When we are talking about film festivals, it tends to think more about red carpets, stars, and trophies. In fact, the International Film Festival shows us more of some excellent works that touch the hearts of people. The movie we watched was “Undermined: Tales from Kimberley.” Before the documentary screening, a famous musician from Kimberley brought a stunning musical performance with lyrics and content showing Kimberley’s culture and local lifestyle. The director also gave a detailed introduction to the concept of the film and related cultural backgrounds. It also tells about some of the problems they encountered in the process of creation, which enabled us to have a deeper understanding. This documentary describes the conflict between Kimberley’s pristine natural environment and local development. It brings the audience an unpretentious and deeply rooted story with an objective perspective. The documentary makes us know more about that large-scale mining and development of pastoral areas threaten the original ecological environment. It also has an impact on people’s beliefs. What impressed me the most was that in the final interactive session, the audience was free to ask questions to the director and the staff to understand the essence of this documentary production in the most direct way. The film uses a real story to show one of the most important issues, the threats to the ecological environment in social development. This will be an important issue that human society has always had to think about and face.

This experiences of visiting the Melbourne International Film Festival gave me a deeper understanding of the film festival. We learned the gatekeeper theory in the course. The staff of the festival acted as “gatekeepers” who were able to control the acquisition of film and film culture (Stringer, 2001). During the choice of film, the staff of the film festival should also consider a number of factors, whether the film meets the requirements of the film festival. When the gatekeeper chooses which product to show to the public, they will consider many aspects, such as fields, capital, and habits.  “Undermined: Tales from Kimberley”,  to a certain extent, it is a documentary of great significance. It is dedicated to making people aware of the problems in society and responding to social conditions.


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