Several principles that must be observed on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival

The Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival has some of its own principles. Think about it. There are thousands of invited guests walkingthe red carpetevery night, which includes Hollywood’s top celebrities. Besides, hundreds of photographers gather on both sides, and there were countless fans outside the fence. Andall this happens around the short 24 red carpet steps. As you can imagine, without clear rules and principles, it will become a big mess.



Principle 1:The strict “black tie” dress

The invitation to the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival will remind everyone who walks the red carpet: please dress elegantly.Dressing upyourself is also a respect for this lofty movie feast. Ladies can wear an elegant long dress with jewels. As for men, it must not be wrong to dress strictly according to the ‘black tie’ dress code.



Principle 2: Strict control of the red-carpet time

It is reported that the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival is only about 60 meters. Generally speaking, people can finish the walking in 30 seconds. However, those female celebrities who have spent much time and energy on their fashioned dressing will notsatisfiedwith such little time at the carpet. Even if not for the hard work of the stylist, for their own, they will try to stay as long as possible at the carpet. As a result, the festival’s officials seta five-minute red-carpet time limit.


Rule 3: Do not take selfies  


Not long ago, the president of Cannes Film Festival,Thierry Fremauxannouncedthat those who walk the red carpet on Cannes Film Festival this year are not allowed to take selfies or take photos for others. He emphasized that coming to the festival is to enjoy films but not themselves. Many celebrities take selfies or even interact with their fans on red carpet to warm up the atmosphere these years. However, these will slow down the whole process and lead to the delay of film. Thus, Thierry Fremaux said ‘We have decided to ban such actions. Taking selfies will cause mass on the red carpet and slow down the process. It will affect the quality of the film festival’.


Principle 4: Do not focus to much on red carpet 

Films are the most important things to Cannes Film Festival. The significance of the red carpet is to promote the film. Therefore, the right way to walk the red carpet is to let the director lead the whole crew on the red carpet instead of just letting someone showing off. But whenever there is a big star on the red carpet, it will be particularly difficult to ‘not steal the limelight’. That is why members of the Cannes Film Festival jury (usually made up of the most respected film industry’s big names) will arrive at the red carpet early and finish the red carpet before the arrival of other film crews.


Principle 5: No one will wait for you if you are late  

To those who will walk the red carpet: Please keep in mind that this is not a fashion show. Cannes Film Festival will not always open for one specific person. If you don’t show up on time, you will miss this chance even if you may have thousands of reasons.

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