My first film festival tour—MIFF

I had never been to any film festival before this MIFF, but I had watched film festivals on TVs, such as the Oscar Film Festival and the Shanghai International Film Festival. And I went to the festivals just because there were famous actors I liked or directors I liked. There are not many famous movie stars to attract the attention of MIFF this time. The publicity for the festival is not very strong, many people around me do not know Melbourne is going to hold a film festival recently.


In order to become more familiar with this film festival, I searched the MIFF online before going to the festival to learn that Melbourne International Film Festival is a three-week annual film festival held in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in 1952 and is one of the oldest film festivals in the world. In addition to the Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, and Melbourne Local Film Festival, MIFF is one of the four Melbourne Film Festivals. From the opening of the festival on August 2, 2018, to the end of August 19, 2018, people can pre-order tickets to the movies they want to see on the MIF’s official website.
On the way to the festival, I was thinking that there was only a red carpet and awards ceremony. However, after I went there, I found that in addition to these festivals, there will also be films and film exchanges. Compared to other star-studded A-class film festivals, for non-filmmakers, the main goal is to see their favorite stars, and MIFF is focused on the film itself. If you go to this movie festival, you should be a real movie lover.
After a brief introduction by the host, we began to watch the film, and the host invited the film’s creative team to share their creative experience with us. The audience can ask questions of the filmmakers. This process is more like the exchange and discussion of films. Before the movie, something far away for me is now very close to me. Film creators are also very approachable, for the audience to answer as many questions as possible, hoping to give them a satisfactory answer.

In addition, I also learned at the festival that the films to be shown at this festival include China, Japan, Korea, France, Greece, the United States and many other countries besides Australian local films. For a multicultural country in Australia, this is also a manifestation of multiculturalism. These films have adapted to the audiences living in Australia from various countries. At the same time, it will also help MIFF open the international door and move towards a higher level film festival.
Through this MIFF, I have a completely new understanding of the film festival. It has helped me understand more about some of the festival settings and the importance of holding a film festival. This experience is my first time as an audience at the film festival. This is a completely different experience from watching TV festivals on TV and videos. Maybe my previous understanding of the festival was based on just a few things that were broadcast on television: the red carpet and the awards ceremony. I did not know anything about the part I did not broadcast, such as the film exhibition and some exchange meetings. I think through this film festival, we will accumulate experience for our next film festival. I hope we can use the knowledge we learned in this film festival at our film festival.



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