My First Film Festival Experience in MIFF

The Melbourne international festival is one of the oldest film festival of Australia. It was founded in 1952, which are deemed as the most typical one. MIFF imposes great influence on film industries in the Southern Hemisphere.

The MIFF annually shows a series of films from different parts of the world with various themes as well as honors filmmakers around the world for their contributions towards international movie industry. MIFF lasts about two weeks each year and exhibits around 300 movies with various contents, presenting the latest trend of filmdom within or outside Australia. The types of the selected films contain feature film, animation, documentary, multimedia etc., all of which are often featured with strong controversial.


The participation in MIFF was my first film festival experience. I haven’t experienced this kind of fairs before and learned less about the operation of film festivals until last weekend when I was actually sitting in front of the big screen and watch the selected movies alongside with introduction of producers and some live performances relevant to that movie.

The part that impressed me a lot was the introduction sector, as the producers talked about their motivations of making this film and the struggles as well as problems they met in their making process. It is quite a challenge for individuals to disclose the truth that might violet government or country’s interests. Some controversial movies or films of private directors cannot be expose to the public via mainstream media publicity or distribution at the movie theater, while film festivals promise them a global exposure opportunity and some of them will gain great success and then impose impacts to the society.  Also, those opportunities in turn bring them financial gains, encourage individual filmmakers and young directors as well as spur creativity of the film area. Festivals are unique and have no substitute for something else. The festival plays a significant role in film circle and become a critical access for movie distribution. Film festival is more than film exhibitions, more importantly, it forms a supply chain and contains several added-values.

The movie that I watched on MIFF named “undermined: tales from the kimberley”. It is about the conflict between government and aboriginal people of Melbourne. This story happened in Australian, while it could be a typical case of the international issues. It is of great significance to arouse people’s awareness towards Indigenous rights, ecological uncertainty and the competition of natural resources and let people figure out what is the social justice through those true stories.

The activities of film festival are not just films. At the very beginning, there was a speech of film producers to introduce the reason and meanings of breeding the ideas of making that film. It should be noted that the ideas of those selected films are more about human interests instead of business consideration. Besides, there are also some meaningful performances relevant to the movie before movie start. For example, there was a musician who are also the aborigine performing before showing movie. The live show could consequently arouse audiences’ emotion and strengthen their understanding towards the following films.

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