Having a Tour in MIFF

On August 19th, I attended the last day of Melbourne international film festival and this is the second time I attend a film festival. My first experience about a film festival happened many years ago when I was a really little girl, so I did not have any clear impression. In a sense, it could be argued that it is my first time to come into contact with a film festival.

The Melbourne International Film Festival is one of the most popular events in Melbourne and out of the four major film festivals in the country, this is one of the most popular. At that day, I arrived at the theatre earlier than the start time of the film to observe all arrangements for a film festival. The theatre I went to is Forum theatre. The posters, banners or signals can be seen everywhere in the theatre. Outside the main entrance of the theatre, an obvious poster is hanging on the outer wall which shows up well. The environment and atmosphere around made me feel that I really took part in the film festival.


Tobi Wieman who is a director ever said, ‘Festivals are events in which a diverse array of people can gather. They are a place for cultural exchange, a place to network and be inspired’. His opinion is greatly shown in the MIFF. At this year’s festival, there are more than 400 films Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 13.58.12.pngshowing and more than half of them are from other areas. The film I watched is a Chinese film called ANGELS WEAR WHITE which directed by Vivian Qu. The film is set in a small seaside town and it is a story about female objectification and violation. The script is tactfully understated about the seedy details and maintains a certain ambiguity over the innocence of two girls, Xiao wen and Xinxin. The film also shows the shocking reactions from two girls’ parents. Not only the location, but also the case shown by the film are closely related to the social reality of China. They are quite different from that of other areas such as the western areas. In my opinion, it is difficult for audiences who are not from China to understand parts of the film, though there are English subtitle. However, most audiences in the same session with me are foreigners and none of them left midway. I think they were trying their best to experience the film and feel what the film wanted to show. After the film, audiences discussed the case in the film, why characters have a series of reactions and if the case happen in their country, what would happen in the following. In general, it can be seen as a of culture impact. Audiences can feel different cultures by watching a film and try to use the thinking way of people from that culture.


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