Film Festival of political influence — Taiwan Golden Horse Award

20151122074523334Founded in 1962, the Golden Horse Award is a film award held in Taiwan. It was established to promote the filmmaking industry in Taiwan and to honor filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to the Chinese film culture. The Golden Horse Award is held every year, and it was suspended in 1964 and 1976. The Golden Horse Award is the oldest award in the Chinese language circle. There are no geographical restrictions on the selection of the awards. The awards are for all Chinese movies and Chinese filmmakers. It was sponsored by the Taiwan Information Bureau of the Executive Yuan and sponsored by the Taiwan film development foundation. The Golden Horse Award is a contest award offered by Taiwan to promote Chinese film production, to excellent Chinese films and film workers. It has awarded many excellent Chinese films and film workers. It has become the highest honorary indicator of Chinese film production and has greatly helped and encouraged the Chinese film industry. Encourage. The Golden Horse Awards have been held for the fifty-four time. The participants are mainly Chinese or Chinese films. The Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award, the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award and the Hong Kong Film Golden Image Award are also called the “Three Chinese Film Awards”


There was no shortlist for the Golden Horse Award in the early years, and the winners were announced in advance. All the winners were awarded by the governor in the ranks until the 15th. The ceremony was also held on October 30 or 31 to celebrate the birthday of Chiang Kai-shek.

Since the early mainland and Hong Kong did not set up similar film competitions, the Golden Horse Award has long been the most popular film event in the Chinese film industry since the 1970s. Before the 1980s, due to the political antagonism between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, the Golden Horse Award was awarded mainly to Taiwanese and Hong Kong films. With the development of cross-strait economic, trade and cultural exchanges, together with the decline of Taiwan’s film industry, the loss of Hong Kong film staff and other factors, since the mid-1990s, mainland Chinese film participants have participated in the awards. The number of competition events has increased greatly and has gradually become the number of awards.

The Golden Horse Film Festival is an important film cultural event. The main activities are divided into two parts: the first part is the Golden Horse Award Chinese Film Competition, the second part is the Golden Horse International Film Festival. The Golden Horse Awards for Chinese-language films include the best drama, best animated feature, best documentary and best short film creation. Individual awards include the best director, best male/female leading actor, best supporting actor/actress, best original script, best-adapted script, best photography, best short film creation. Visual effects, best art design, best modeling design, best action design, best original film music, best original film songs, best editing and best sound effects. There are also special awards for Taiwan’s Outstanding Film of the Year, Taiwan’s Outstanding Film Workers of the Year, and audience votes for Best Picture in informal contests. For a long time, the Golden Horse Awards had focused on the encouragement of Taiwanese and Hong Kong films before 2000 because of the different political standpoints between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. But the decline of Taiwan’s film industry and the loss of Hong Kong’s film workers have gradually opened the awards to mainland Chinese films and to participate in competitions. In recent years, more and more mainland films have entered the competition units of Golden Horse Awards, such as the 2016 Golden Horse Film Festival, which has won many awards. The actress is the two woman in the mainland film “July and Ansheng”. Feng Xiaogang, the director of the mainland movie “I am not Pan Jinlian”, won the best director. The best film is from August, the debut of mainland youth director Zhang Dalei.


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