Culture value of film festival

As one of the vital carriers of culture, films are getting more and more popular in converting the ideas into visual signals to present the certain kind of information. To present the films, film festivals are organized as events in a city or in a region to attract people from different fields to share the culture value with the through selected films in a particular theme.  According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 600 film festivals in the world. Among them, 55 film festivals are recognized by UNESCO. The Shanghai Film Festival is one of them, and it is also one of the most influential and representative cultural events in Asia.


Considered as one of the biggest film festivals in Asia, Shanghai film festival was first held from October 7 to 14, 1993. It has been succeeded in transforming the huge city into a cultural centred city from an economic capital in recent years in some ways. All the contribution of the events began to assert itself. It shows hundreds of films from all around the world. As the only film exchange market in mainland China, Shanghai Film Festival has entered a stable growth period in recent years. When it comes to the Shanghai Film Festival, the first thing that stands out is the value and significance of its cultural exchanges. Through the selection and comparison of many films, the Shanghai Film Festival has allowed more countries’ films to enter China. For example, movies which are imported from India, Canada, Germany and Thailand.  Opening the window for the Chinese audience to know more types of films which are excellent with ethnic characteristics and regional representatives. Through the appraisal and selection, the Shanghai Film Festival may select a batch of high-quality works to introduce to the Chinese audience every year. The events offer an opportunity for the filmmakers to communicate and share their experience with each other. In addition to the cultural exchange of the festival, the significance and value of cooperation, the Shanghai Film Festival also takes the responsibility to introduce the Chinese culture to the world.

By contrast, not all of the movies from other cultures are accepted by audiences. There are also some situations which may occur beyond the initial purpose of the film festival. Take one of the films named The Mirror which is directed by Margarita Terekhova as an example, it is hard for the audience to fully understand the metaphor of the scripts in spite of being introduced in one of the popular film festivals. In short, it is also necessary for the organizer to think about the drawbacks or limitation to fill up the gap between the ages.

Being expected to provide the platform, the film festivals are able to help the audiences to involve in different cultural circumstances to take shape the aesthetics sense of films. Although cultural values are introduced in the article above, further knowledge can be explored in the future study of the course which is related to the film festival in terms of other possible perspectives.



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