THE BEIJING INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (TBIFF) is Sponsored by the state administration of radio, film and television and the people’s government of Beijing. The Beijing international film festival is a large-scale commercial film themed event, which aims to integrate domestic and international film resources and build a platform for exhibition, exchange and trading. At the same time, it is a key cultural activity for Beijing to build a world city and enhance its influence. Besides the film exhibition, the Beijing film festival also includes professional BBS, project negotiation, cultural performance and other forms. The aim is to attract a number of Chinese and foreign film institutions, guests and people from all walks of life in the capital. The film festival attracts various related activities, actively explores new films, and comprehensively promotes film culture.

The signing amount of the film market has increased from 2.794 billion yuan in its first session to 17.458 billion yuan in its seventh session, with a total of 74.953 billion yuan in the seven years. Compared with Melbourne International Film Festival, there is no doubt that TBIFF is a business festival.

Although the Beijing international film festival aims to attract a wide range of relevant activities, actively explore new films and promote film culture in an all-round way, more video is about well-known stars on the red carpet and famous directors of mainstream films. Like <Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley>, there are few non-mainstream documentaries, films and subjects.

The main aim of the Beijing international film festival is make a business agenda for those filmmakers, this festival can support a platform for them communicating with each other more easily and conveniently. And those production-owned can distinguish who is able to and willing to invest.

I am not means business type film festival is bad, because those business agenda and distribution function as features are holding markets, and facilitated the circulation of new films. It also developed and expanded the Asian market for visual products. However, in my personal opinion, it should be classified as an industry event rather than a film festival. It is far away of our life and more attention is focused on the red carpet, flashes, money and famous people. Weaken the influences of those movies which are educational meaning and be able to make the world better place.

In my personal advice, diversity of films is very important and can provide more choices for audiences, not just mainstream and famous films. The festival should focus on the production of films, not the festival itself (gorgeous opening ceremonies, show performances, famous directors, actors and journalists). Film festival should be distinguished from business events, which emphasizes the film itself and the audience’s will.

I hope more excellent film festivals will be held successfully in China.

One thought on “Business festival- THE BEIJING INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

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