Breaking the silence: Angles Wear White

There are a number of preeminent Chinese films such as Big Fish & Begonia Wrath of Silence, and Angles Wear White have been screened at Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) this year. Some of them have reflected the current controversial and sensitive topics in Chinese society. Angles Wear White which dares to exposure the social issue of sexual abuse of juveniles to the public in China. This film narrates a story of a 12 years old schoolgirl Wen are assaulted by a middle-aged man in a motel. Mia is a 15-year-old teenager who was working on reception that night, is the only witness. For fear of losing her job, she chooses to keep silence.

The film uses the realistic way to show represent the whole story, no background music, no excessive technique to exaggerate atmosphere, the audience just can obtain information from dialogues, performances and inner soliloquy of actors. Particularly, the director pays more attention to every individual’s attitudes and reflections after they knew about this incident, rather than describes the details of Wen’s painful experience to gain tears of the audiences. Facing the tempt of money, the weak parents choose to keep silence, they do not want to fight to protect their daughter, they just want to preserve their faces. The doctor whose responsibility is proving the truth, but choose to tell a lie to the public. No one cares about how misery Wen has felt, the residents of this small town life and work as usual. The indifference is the most horrible feeling of the public.

However, this terrible context has not happened in the real society, Angles Wear White obtains numerous attentions not only in China but also throughout the world. The film nominated at the 74th Venice Film Festival and winning Best Director at the Golden Horse Film Festival. In recent years, most Chinese films just pursuit economic benefits, but ignored the real meaning to produce a film. It is crucial to reflect issues of this society to engage every individual to work together and build a better world. Numerous Chinese audiences looking forward to watching a film which can expose the darkest side of the society, for example, the Korean film The Crucible which promoted the Korean government establish and implement the related law to protect the teenagers get away from personal infringement. Angels Wear White gives Chinese audiences hope to believe Chinses filmmakers can produce the preeminent films which can effectively reflect the current social context in China.

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