What makes the film festival successful?

Film festival provides audience a new way to contact with variety of movies. It also makes contributions on the development of the film industry. To the filmmakers, this platform can make them communicate with each other more easily and conveniently.

Nowadays, the film festival can be hold in different area and every one is unique and have its strength. But what makes a film festival successful? Everyone may have their own ideas about this question, however, some important factors should be considered. In my opinion, there are five most essential parts must be included when refer to the successful of the film festival.

First of all, film diversity is really important which can provide audience more options and at the meantime can enrich the whole program.Film festival cannot exist without amount of films. On the other side, films also need festivals. (Iordanova,2009) All the films in the film festival should be different and can be divided into different types and in this way can meet the public’s requirements. Some common types of film should include documentary, animation, crime etc. How to chose it is also a challenge. Just as Iordanova(2009) claimed that when take film festival as exhibition site, sending a great film to a festival is really an essential point.

Secondly, the leadership should be paid more attention. Film festival can be regarded as a big event. A perfect leader who has clear object can make the film festival more successful. They should understand what they really want to express and how to achieve it. At the mean time, Tomasi(2011) demonstrated that leader must have the ability to transform ideas into action. What’s more, they also have the skill on communicate with other people and in this way can make the conversation effectively and avoid waste time.

Thirdly, teamwork cannot be ignored. Not only to film festival, but also to all the business, teamwork is a significant part. (Stigsdotter, 2011) Nobody is perfect and everyone will have both strength as well as weakness. Teamwork can solve this problem. All the team members can share their ideas to each other and can make their contributions to the outcome. In this way, the work will be divided reasonable and every person can in charge of the part, which they are good at. Applying teamwork into film festival can bring success to it at the end.


Fourthly, where to hold film festival is vital. Places to screen film sound like easy, however, when take the idea into real action will spend more time and money. A suitable places can be benefit both audience and filmmakers. Just like Nochimoson(2012) mentioned that the surrounding environment can affect people’s emotion. How to chose a suitable places is also a big challenge and maybe need more time to think about it.

The last but not the least, marketing plays an essential in film festival. This department needs to convey message to the attendees and in this way can let people get the information about the film festival. Advertising and online news can be seen as two important and common ways to convey information. what’s more, the marketing maybe also need to attract support from the society and find out the potential sponsors.

Besides these points, there still have many other details need to be considered. Holding a successful film festival is really a big challenge for the whole staff that works in this field.



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From: xiao bao(keico)


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