The power of documentary film in MIFF

When we talk about film festivals, the first thing in mind must be the red carpet, celebrities, the open-air screening, but this Melbourne International Film Festival gave me a different experience. In this contact, I think MIFF is more like a global exhibition of sharing experience movie production. As a non-profit organization, MIFF which is one of the world’s oldest film festivals has been running since 1952 enabling it to be Australia’s leading film festival. The cultural event is more like a bridge connecting audiences with filmmakers to provide a revolutionary experience.More than 400 films have been shown at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival whichis also committed to encourage local producers, so many films have chosen to premiere at this Film Festival and many of them are worth watching. Therefore, Melbourne International Film Festival must not be missed for many film enthusiasts.

In this tour, I learned about MIFF and participated in the experience of the movie called ‘Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley’. In MIFF, audiences can understand the movie through the creator’s introduction, to have an interaction with the film. After watching, there will be a question and answer session to raise own questions, which is totally different from my experiences in cinema. Undermined: Tales From the Kimberleyas a distinctly Australian story but around the world, is a new documentarywhich brings us to the Kimberley and introduces the stories of its people and the region. The traditional owners, traditional lands and unique indigenous cultures of the Kimberley region are under threat, and more people everywhere are protesting, which makethe rights of contemporary indigenous peoples to be a major issue.

After watching the documentary and communicating with film creators, I consider movies are an important part of the entertainment industry, not only for entertaining the public, but also for promoting society. The filmcreators believe that combined with the power of the documentary and publicity campaigns, they will invite more viewers to join advocates. In addition, I think they wants to attract governments, industries and the international public to promote positive social change through the film, which may make it more than a record. The authenticity of documentary reflects its value and becomes a record of the development of history and society. Real performance and record of history reflects life, and it enable us to pay more attention to society.

Many movies have a profound impact on people, sometimes like a mirror reflecting on the real world, allowing people to think about current problems. Documentaries represent the angle of the creator’s show problems from the perspective of specific groups to arouse people’s awareness facing social reality. The progress of society is to face up to issues which may not be solved, but these social problems may cause widespread discussion and concerns to have the possibility of improvement. I think this is the meaning of the documentary and its power to change the society.Like this movie, it’s getting people to understand Kimberley’s problems, to have more power to change the current situation and make it better.



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