MIFF-The importance of film festivals in the promotion of motion pictures and the culture exchange

Last weekend, it was the last day of Melbourne International Film Festival. It was the first time that I take part in the film festival. It is really a wonderful experience. Before the MIFF, in my mind, Film festival just provide a platform for audiences that watch more good international movies which probably not be released in the cinema. Actually, by definition, film festivals are periodic (often annual) events, where a slate of films not normally screened at a particular locale is suddenly screened in abundance over a fort- night or more (Udden, 2016). Film festival is an activity that promote the arts of film and enhance the communication and cooperation between film workers. In addition, it also enhanced the relationship between audience and film workers; it is an interaction and communication process. Like MIFF, it not just provided different movies for audiences but also host some talk about film makers. It is a good way for audiences learn more about something behind the movie itself and for film marker to get the feedback form audiences.

As the Australia’s longest and biggest festival of cinema, there are more than 400 films showing at this festival. It is a very hard process to select movie. Finally, we choose a Chinese movie called Ash is purest white.

屏幕快照 2018-08-23 下午3.24.27

Ash is the purest white is a Chinese movie which directed by Jia Zhang-ke. After seeing the movie, I think that Ash is the purest white is the excellent translation for the name of movie. It clearly gives prominence to the theme and delivery the quintessence of JiangHu. This movie is about the story between a low-level Chinese crook and the woman who goes to prison for him. Qiao fall in love with the gangster Bin and one day, they had attacked in the street, Qiao fires the gun that saves Bin but they also then lands in prison. Five years later, Qiao expects to pick up where their romance left off, only to discover that love and loyalty have become elusive concepts. People said that we can see the unprecedented ambition of jia zhangke in this movie. The evolution of contemporary China has always been Jia’s central theme as tradition has made way for modernity, bringing both losses and gains, while Western influences and technology have pierced cultural insularity. In addition, Jia also try to popularize the word “jianghu” to foreign media. What is Jianghu?  The word jianghu (river and lake) was used in classical wuxia literature to denote the world of martial arts. It has paradoxical connotations of brotherhood or code of honor and power-driven strife. In “Ash,” jianghu stands for the lifestyle the protagonists have chosen and also embodies the conflicting views they hold about society. This film is a winding tale of love, disillusionment and survival that again represents his vision of his country’s spiritual trajectory. The most interesting that I found after seeing the movie is that I have a totally different opinions about Bin with my friends. My friend said that he can understand Bin’s choice (leave the Qiao alone)but most of female audience included me said that Bin is a selfish man and he is not deserved called the son of JIANGHU. The day that the movie shown on, all seats are occupied and audiences are not only Chinese. I think it is a  process of the exchange culture.



Udden, J 2016, ‘Film festivals’, Journal Of Chinese Cinemas, 10, 1, pp. 14-17, Art & Architecture Source



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