The first time encounter with the film festival

Melbourne is a creative city where proudly supportsnumbers of arts organizations and variety of activities. The Melbourne international film festivals, which are hold during August in 2018, are also included屏幕快照 2018-08-23 15.14.44.png.

This is the first time for me to join in the festival program, which can be regarded as a meaningful opportunity for me to get close with the film festival and learn more from it. Red carpet, superstars, awards can be seen as three main words for a film festival before I went to the MIFF or even that may be the first impression to the public. However, a real film festival has more than the imagination.

Firstly, film festival provide audience more chance to keep touch with diversified movies which from variety countries. As a common film audience, peoplesometimes have the limited way to find some controversial films. Take China as a good example, lots of movies are be restricted by the state administration of the radio film and television for different reasons thus the audience hardly can found it from the website or any popular TV apps. However, the Melbourne film festival offers the public more options to choose the film. In this program, people could always find out the movies, which they have interest. At the meanwhile, all the movies are divided into different groups. In general, two options are provided for the audience. One way is that people can select movies by the classification of different production area: Europe,Africa&Middle east, Asia pacific and North America. The other way is that picking movies can depend on the types: documentaries, night shift, animation etc.

Secondly, the different types of movie in the film festival may contain different constituent parts. Some movies include a welcome to the country or Q&A with the film’s director and producer, some movies may also include a live piano performance or a special guest appearance.

屏幕快照 2018-08-23 15.16.35.pngUndermined: tales from the Kimberley wasone of the movies on 12th, August. The reason why to chose this kind of movie because the documentaries always reflect the real world and maybe you can get more from it. Besides this, the Q&A with the film’s director, producer and subjects also attract me. This documentary is a distinctly Australia story but international in scope. Through this movie, the audience will get more information about Kimberly region and realize that how the threat will affect people’s daily who lived in that area. The director also offers the audience more information about the Kimberley and the ideas about this movie. All these answers can help audience to understand the film in a better way and from different angle.Picture3

Thirdly, the film festival is not only about convey the movies information to the public, it also aim to provide the filmmakers a platform to communicate. To the MIFF, this is a good and meaningful platform to promote their domestic movies and culture to the world. This is a very important step for the whole film industry in Australia or even in the world.

This experience is wonderful because it provide me an opportunity to understand what the real film festival is and the real process of film festival in general. Although I already learned something about film festival through this experience, there are numbers of details about the film festival need to be discovered. All in all, this is a good start for me to learn more.

From: xiao bao (keico)

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