The Deeper Influence of Shanghai International Film Festival


2018 Shanghai International Film Festival has just come to an successful end. It has not only fulfilled viewers’ desire to watch their favorite classic films, it also has deeper influence. Firstly the success of SIFF can strengthern cultural confidence and create a better future for Chinese film industry. The film festival has a unique role in promoting the prosperity of the socialist film culture in the new era and meeting the needs of the public for a better life. This year is the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up. Telling the story of the development of China’s film industry in the past forty years through the rich language of film is an important part of strengthening the four confidences and inspiring people to bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Posters of the festival and the film trailers outline the development of China’s films over the past 40 years of reform and opening-up. Though tiny, they display a vast amount of information, from the inheritance and development in the beginning, to the gradual rise to bloom and glory, and then to the forging ahead of Chinese filmmakers and the new starting point in the new era, awakening viewers’ memories of the films, urging them to keep up the efforts and leaving them spellbound.


In addition, SIFF has cultural influences. The Shanghai International Film Festival has long adhered to the orientation of “Focusing on Asia, Promoting Chinese Films, and Supporting New Talents”, promoting the maturity of new filmmakers and their work, building a step-by-step incubation system, and producing the fruits of “Made in Shanghai” in its practice. At the Asian New Talent Award Ceremony held on the evening of June 22, the famous director and screenwriter NING Hao recalled fondly his film Mongolian Ping Pong winning the Asian New Talent Award for Most Popular Film more than 10 years ago, after which he has been recognized by the society and the industry and gone on to be more successful. He is therefore grateful to the SIFF has for being a “patronage”, and in turn spares no effort in the incubation of and support for young filmmakers. In fact, a large number of new productions by young filmmakers, after being honed in all the steps of the Shanghai International Film Festival, have been branded with “Made in Shanghai” and are seeing or have seen their influence in China, Asia and even beyond. Shanghai has always served the whole nation with the products and talents it developed and made and then transported across the country in the past helping establish a good reputation for “Made in Shanghai”. Nowadays, Shanghai in advancing the development of China’s film industry is again producing, developing and transferring film productions and filmmakers. In the words of some filmmakers: “SIFF is building the future of film.”

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