My feelings about the film festival and film festival study tour

As the first time to study the film festival, I even don’t know what a film festival is before I chose this unit. Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is a fantastic film festival, the function of their official website was so useful for me to know about the whole program. Their films timetable, recommendations, calendar and festival information are quite clear on their website which was great!


(Screenshot from:

MIFF has so many films from all over the world, even I cannot watch some films which I was very interested because of the tickets, but I still learn about some information from my friends. I only watch the documentary which the professor recommended to us. Actually, it was my first time to watch a documentary in a theatre in a film festival program. I was surprised by the show and Q&A sessions before and after the film screening. I think it is quite interesting to meet the producers and actors of the film. It makes the whole documentary more real, and the audiences would know more about the background story of the documentary.

By attending the film festival makes me more and more interested in the film festival process. When I saw some galas on TV, I thought the film festival is about the red carpet, flashes, and film stars and producers. But when I browse the MIFF official website, despite the opening night gala and lots of great films, it also has a lot of special events like “MIFF talk”, which can make the whole process into a conversation. I think it is a very good chance for the audience to communicate with the staffs who work in the film industry.

The film study tour is really like a tour, getting to know about the film industry, filmmakers, and film festival. Listening to the story of staffs who work in the film festival also makes me feel excited because I wanted to be a director when I was a little girl. It seems like my dream is very close to me and I ‘m very happy to choose this unit.
It was a pity that I didn’t watch a lot of films in the MIFF due to the time and tickets, but I think I will pay attention to every film festival in the future. Not only care about the awarded films of Oscar but also make an effort to understand more kinds of film and behind stories of those films.

I’m really excited about this semester and we will create a short film festival! That is amazing! I ‘m sure it will be my best memory when I study at Monash and I can improve my skills of leadership and teamwork by doing something I really interested. I will do my best to work with my dream team members and learn anything about the film festival. I trust my members and very happy to cooperate with them. And I’m sure everybody will like our film festival. Can’t wait to meet our fabulous film festival in Week 11! Let’s work!

MIFF information from Melbourne International Film Festival Official Website:

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