It is a fantastic thing to watch a film in Taipei!

Taipei Film Festival is an annual multi-cultural event containing film festival and other film cultural-related activities held by the Taipei City Government and mapped out by the Department of Cultural Affairs. The Taiwan Film Culture Association mainly lead the Taipei Film Festival that directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien director and the film festival has become one of the most important and high profile international cultural events in Taiwan. Since its inception in 1998, the Taipei Film Festival has been held every year except for the suspension in 2001 and it has become a significant cultural event for Taiwanese fil and Taiwanese filmmakers.


In recent years, the Taipei Film Festival focusing on the city theme that organizing a series of exhibitions and activities more than on the film screens to lead the Taiwanese audience to understand different cultural backgrounds through the films. The film festival is screening nearly 160 movies from over 40 different countries that attracting approximately 100,000 mostly young attendants each year. Meanwhile, the film festival also set up Taipei Film Award as well as the Taipei Theme Award to encourage the creation of Taiwanese local films and appeal to not only the young moviegoers but also the film professionals. The Taipei Film Festival make a contribution to boost Taiwan’s film market.

For many years, participating in the Taipei Film Festival has been more than just watching movies, but witnessing Taipei’s contemporary culture. The film festival reflects the times in a special Taipei way and it also symbolize the Taiwanese begins to know how to choose the movie that they want not only the Hollywood commercial movies. The movie which carry on memory and emotion is usually easier to touch the audience rather than the movie only for business purposes.


It is no doubt that the metro cinema and some other open air cinema during the film festival makes the film closer to individuals’ lives. A memory can make a movie better and more sensational. More importantly, a film festival enable watching movie become a lovely thing in this city.

open air cinema

In 2018, the Taipei Film Festival has entered its 20th anniversary. This year, with the theme of “breaking the framework”, the film festival leads the audience to re-imagine the appearance of a city film exhibition and challenge the existing limitations in the progress of watching movies as the film festival always encourage creative and vigorous film content and style. At this level, the film festival is not only a good way for people know different culture through the film but also an efficient platform for Taiwan to introduce itself to the world. What is more, attracting more local film artists to build up their self-identities and further contribute to Taiwan’s film market is an essential mission of Taipei Film Festival. Therefore, how to attract more potential filmmakers and maintain the creativity of film festival is an on doing progress for Taipei Film Festival.

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