Exploring the Meaning of Hosting Film Festival through MIFF

I thought film festival is a distant event for the public before I attend the Melbourne International Film Festival. These kinds of events always be broadcasted on TV and Internet, lots of celebrities are invited to such large-scale activity which seems the gathering of famous people and filmmakers. I redefine the film festival after I get in touch with MIFF. Comparing to the competition tendency of those world-renowned film festival, MIFF focuses more on popularization of films and communication between film lovers, filmmakers.

As a multi-culture city, MIFF provides various choices to cater to different audiences’ tastes. Some countries’ films including Iran, Greece, Argentina, Iceland are rarely known by most audiences, MIFF covers wide range and audiences have chance to get in touch with these films. In addition, it is easily for people to choose their prefer films because the classification of these films are specific such as the fashion and sports part. Audiences don’t need to worry about the limitation of film selection. It has to be noticed that about 25 virtual reality films are available in this film festival which promote such kind of advanced technology film to the public and lead the new tendency of film festival.

An elephant sitting still is kind of poor popular Chinese movie but I am really interested in. Due to the dark theme and depression style, this film may not be on China or the original film will be cut some parts when it is shown on the cinemas. I appreciate that I can enjoy the original four hours movie in MIFF. This is the first and the last movie for the director Hu Bo, he suicided last year in his apartment. Actually Hu Bo was not known by the public and he was the fresh man in filmdom. His work may only be got in small groups without film festival. The film festival offers opportunity to those talented but unknown filmmakers. Hu Bo is a lucky dog because his only work is selected into many film festivals and achieves success as well.


It is my first time to join in such film festival, I believe it is more like a event to communicate cultures and ideas. For ideas exchange, although the film industries in some countries are in mature stage, those film makers still need to catch new inspiration to explore wider field of films. For cultural transfer, people may change their opinions for a country or an affair through the films, film festival is a platform for some countries to explore overseas market and gain positive attitudes.

As we can see, audiences get more choices in film festival than through cinema or online. All films that be broadcasted in the festival experience strict selection, in another words, these works reach to a certain degree which ensure audience can get in touch with high quality movies. For producers, film festival is the fair platform for them to do competition no matter fame experiences.

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