What is the significance of the Golden Horse Award for the Chinese film industry?

Compared with the three gold trophies of the three major European film festivals, the Chinese film industry also has three heavyweight awards: the Golden Rooster Award in the Mainland China, Hong Kong Film Awards in Hong Kong and the Golden Horse Award in Taiwan. Today, with the development of Chinese-language films step by step, the Golden Horse Awards have always been regarded as the fairest and most indicative Chinese film awards.


The Golden Horse Award, founded in 1962, is a film award held in Taiwan. It was established to promote filmmaking in Taiwan and to recognize filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to Chinese film culture. The Golden Horse Awards welcome annual entries from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Chinese speaking areas. The nominations and results of 24 awards are decided by a group of jurors consisting of film professionals; their deliberations take place after they view every single film. Apart from the official awards, there is also an Audience Choice Award and a Fipresci Award. The Lifetime Achievement Award and Special Contribution Award are recommended by film societies and decided by the Executive Committee of the Festival. The Lifetime Achievement Award and Special Contribution Award are recommended by film societies and decided by the Executive Committee of the Festival.


At the same time, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival will be held before the Golden Horse Awards in November every year. Different types of films from different countries can apply for screening. Of course, all the Golden Horse Award finalists will also appear in the film festival.

The advantage of arranging the film festival a few weeks before the awards ceremony is that the filmmakers and nominated actor will attend the interviews after screening which is also a good opportunity for film fans to share their feelings with the filmmakers.

In addition to the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival attached to the Golden Horse Awards, there is also the Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival, which was founded in 2010. It covers science fiction, horror, thrill, musical, comedy, martial arts, animation, romance and cult films, leading fans to open their hearts and explore Imagine the limits. Held in Taipei every April, GHFFF also carefully planned the topics of Roman Polanski, Sam Raimi, Álex de la Iglesia, David Lynch, Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Ben Wheatley and Kudo Kankuro to expand the alternative vision of fans.


The purpose of the film festival is to provide a platform for excellent films, but discovering and cultivating outstanding new filmmakers is also one of the key factors driving the flourishing of the film industry. The Golden Horse Film Academy, headed by Hou Hsiao-hsien as the dean, recruits 10-12 potential scriptwriters, directors and photographers from the Chinese-speaking region gather in Taiwan. Inspire each other’s ideas, share experiences and exchanges, then teamed-up with one another and given a month’s time for shooting and producing collaborative short film for screening at the Golden Horse Film Festival. During the period, excellent Chinese filmmakers will be invited to serve as instructors, giving suggestions on scripts, directors, photography and other aspects, and holding different film lectures to share the practical experience of professional filmmakers.

The work of the Golden Horse Executive Committee is not just to run an award, a film festival, but also to continuously transport talents and resources for the Chinese film industry.






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