The initial understanding of film festival

Film festival, usually seen as a gatekeeper and tastemaker filter was arranged to particularly screen out a number of films and television programs for audiences in a certain period of time. Since 1932, the film festival has become a platform for film workers to exchange ideas and cooperate with each other dealing with the themes, scripts and even casting. To some extends, excellent films also promote the development of culture in various perspectives. Taking Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) as an example, it offers an opportunity to people from different cultural background to communicate in a well-organized platform to make the full use of the cultural diversity. In MIFF, around 300 movies include feature movies, documentaries, short films which are totally non-profit will be shown within 18 days in a row.

Unlike the Festival De Cannes, there are no red carpets in MIFF, on account of the situation that movie stars or celebrities may seldom be invited.  It is my first time to have the unforgettable experience of attending the film festival on the 8th of August,2018. In the MIFF, we watched a brilliant documentary named Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley which was directed by award-winning director Nicholas Wrathall in its World Premiere screening. There were only filmmakers, journalists, audiences and workers stayed in a theatre to sincerely share their spectatorship with the audience face to face. As I learned from the video, the Kimberley is a beautiful place located in the west of Australia where aborigines live from generation to generation. There are abundant mineral resources that government wants to exploit, which will threaten to not only environment but also local communities. People who born and grew up there narrated their story about living in the Kimberley and represented their attitude about undermined. Aborigines strongly against and appeal to protect the environment. I was touched by the tales because people really love their land and life.


Films like Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley are rarely be shown in cinemas. In most cases, this kind of films is cultural capital which means that the film festival confers the value of culture upon the film itself. Specifically, these films mainly focus on education function to the audience to shed light on the impact of the visualized statement of the current problem. The content of these movies normally related to a certain cultural background. The development of economic and cultural protection, the inheritance and creation of a series of realistic shocks and contradictions have made the film worth reflecting and rethinking from different aspects. This special filming experience inspired me in understanding the contemporary society by introducing the stories in the Australian context. My understanding of the world is not limited to the surrounding of my life but extends to broader and deeper circumstances relating to both cultural and economic issues. I hope in the further study, I can keep learning about the procedures and operations of the film industry to truly understand how to make it valuable to the human history.

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