The 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival in Xi’an.



The awarding ceremony of the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival combines the history and culture of the Silk Road, the characteristics of Xi’an city and the characteristics of the Film Festival. The closing ceremony and award ceremony of the festival is divided into four parts, including the red carpet ceremony, closing ceremony performance, award ceremony and host city handover ceremony. The closing ceremony consists of three chapters of a large-scale theme installation show, which brings together a large number of Silk Road Theme programs, with the theme of cities and movies, greeting guests with songs and dances of the heyday to salute the city where the Silk Road begins. The Festival has a variety of activities, including film awards, professional forums, new film meetings, classic and cutting-edge film exhibitions. Ordinary local movie fans are thrilled by the reappearance of classic blockbusters on the big screen. International filmmakers say the trip is a fresh experience for filming Silk Road movies. Local scholars and writers say the new platform will usher in new opportunities for the development of Western films. In particular, domestic and foreign filmmakers and scholars in this festival full of harvest, and the Silk Road International Film Festival to give the highest blessing for the future.


At this festival, Italian famous producer De Laurentiis led a delegation of Italian cultural exchange to participate in professional seminars. “It’s a fresh experience, and I’ve always had a Chinese story in my heart,” he said.

The Silk Road is no stranger to de Laurentiis, and the ancient capital of Xi’an also makes him feel very friendly. “My hometown in Rome, like Xi’an, is an ancient capital of history and culture. And they are all connected by the silk road. ” Chinese silk was once a luxury of the ancient Romans, and greatly promoted the trade of the silk road. The popularity of silk was attributed to the Persian monopoly on Chinese silk at that time, which also led to the famous “silk war” in Western history, which lasted for 20 years in ancient Rome. The Silk Road Festival is like a key to open de Laurentiis’s Chinese story. He hopes to bring the experience of Italy film and television media to make fresh and energetic cultural works. If possible, the film and television resources of the two countries can be integrated to make a film and television work with the background of “Silk Road”.


Edward Bowman, a famous British scholar, took part in the professional forum of the film. Xi’an is a very inclusive city. Accept all kinds of art, music, and ideas. Cultural diversity is reflected here, and there are many stories in many languages on the Silk Road, which are worth thinking about and making good scripts. The integration of film and Silk Road culture provides a golden opportunity for western films. At this festival, the Venice Film Festival and the Silk Road International Film Festival signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation. The formal cooperation of these two movie festivals has also made the platform of Silk Road and western film higher. Western films were promoted to Silk Road Film, making Silk Road Film Festival a mature base for the development of the Silk Road movies in the world, so that the world movies through the Silk Road to Xi’an entrance, so that Chinese movies through Xi’an broadcast to the world. The future of the Silk Road Film Festival will be a leap forward for western films to be promoted to Silk Road films, and the former western films will reappear brilliance with a wider pattern and a broader vision.


Xi’an is not only the starting point of the Silk Road but also the starting point of Chinese movies to the world. Through the Film Festival, every native of China has the responsibility and obligation to inherit the culture of the Northwest, highlight the spirit of the Northwest people, and praise the civilization of the Silk Road for thousands of years. I hope Shaanxi filmmakers can create more films around the world.

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