Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival 2017


In October 28, 2017, the Pingyao International Film Festival is about to open. If the “Qiao’s Courtyard, Wang’s Courtyard” and other cultural labels with unique Chinese cultural characteristics are the old memory labels full of inheritance and implication in central Shanxi, then the large-scale indoor situational experience drama “You See Pingyao” as a tourism product of deep cultivation of Shanxi merchant culture, five years of performance has proved that there is not only considerable classics Economic income is an important window to understand Shanxi merchants’ culture. It has become the vane of Shanxi’s transformation from a big energy province to a strong cultural province. It is also a successful example of Jinzhong’s project-driven cultural industry. This is not only the innovation of cultural industry but also the benchmark of tourism development. The arrival of Pingyao International Film Festival is another major cultural event after Pingyao International Photography Exhibition and “See Pingyao Again” and another major move of Jinzhong City after the “2017 Shanxi Travel Development Congress”.

For movie fans, the most important concern is going to the movies. Over the 8 days event, more than 50 outstanding films from 18 countries and regions were screened. It can meet the needs of different tastes of movie fans. Compared with the Shanghai Film Festival and the Beijing Film Festival, the scale of the Pingyao Film Festival is obviously much smaller, the advantage is that the location is centralized, the audience does not need to look around the city cinema, all the viewing is completed in the cinema. The original site of Pingyao Movie Palace is a local diesel engine factory. The renovated environment and decoration have a strong artistic flavor but occupy a much smaller area. Even though it was rebuilt from a factory, the quality of the Pingyao Film Hall in the Palace is still good, comparable to the professional cinema. Among them, the platform – amphitheater is quite distinctive, including the opening film “Fanghua” and many films are shown here, and mainly in the evening.

Pingyao Film Festival mainly shows foreign films, most of the films have English subtitles, and the screen below will be equipped with LED line display, display Chinese subtitles. Including Melvil’s 60 and 70s old movies. Unlike Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities, Pingyao local artistic atmosphere is not so strong; the consumption capacity is relatively weak. Many of the audience attending the Pingyao Film Festival are fans coming from other places. The Pingyao International Film Festival has just been held for the first time, and some confusion is inevitable. For example, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing starred in the “Space Hunt” in Pingyao exhibition, the two stars also participated in the exchange activities after the screening. But because many audiences could not find the movie hall in time, the event was postponed, and the subsequent scenes such as “The Monopoly Killer” had to be temporarily postponed for nearly an hour. At that time, many of the audience who held the movie tickets for “alone killer” expressed their dissatisfaction at the front of the hall. Several fans from Shijiazhuang were even more emotional, saying they had already bought tickets for the return journey, and the delay in the screening had a great impact on them. How to run an International Film Festival in small towns, there are still many other places for Pingyao to explore. I hope the Pingyao Film Festival will get better and better.

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