MIFF provide a chance for masses to realize documentaries

Before learning this course, I regarded that film festival always shine with golden light and stars. It seems that only a film festival with a star on the red carpet is truly a film festival. However, ever since I went to the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), I have realized how shortsighted I was.

As recommended by my tutor, I participated in the MIFF, which was also my first time to access the film festival. Once upon a time, I thought that attending a film festival was far from the ordinary people, which should be a major event attended by celebrities and other public figures. But unexpectedly, I can access it easily if I buy the ticket online. Because the date on which I bought the ticket was late, only the documentary ‘McQueen’ was left for me to choose from. Like many people, I maintain a boring stereotype about documentaries. However, by watching ‘McQueen’, my thoughts were changed. I was awestruck by McQueen’s legendary and tragic life.


The story is made up of the names of five different shows by McQueen, which lays the foundation for the entire film’s storyline based on his work. This documentary is very beautiful, the main image is the classic of McQueen skulls, to show his style of various periods of his life. The son of an east London taxi driver, he has been drawing fashion designs in textbooks since middle school. He gradually went from a suit-shop apprentice to the world’s favorite star until he finally killed himself on the eve of his mother’s funeral. The film shows the image that him at work, his first visit to Paris, his first show process of self-branding, the initial time he became the Chief of Givenchy. The film also displays him breaking with convention and putting the burst art show in front of everyone. Process using his friends’ relatives interview series, have joy have regretted painful sadness. There is no doubt about his talent for creating beauty. The silly boy who seems to smile burns the flame of inspiration with his soul and makes the real art of fashion, avant-garde and amazing. It is not only the decoration but his emotion. His story is bursting. Those who love! Enthusiasm! The pain! Confused! Angry! All in the work, through the show and costume, to your face. Until it burns down to emptiness. Therefore, the story comes to an end.

The film seems tranquil, nevertheless, it accurately restores the story of McQueen from the shyness at the beginning to the exploration and design period of chaos, and finally the story of rising sun and fading to darkness. His struggles, reflections, the loss of fame and fortune, the brutal truth, depicted an artistic talent that is remarkable, while the real life is ordinary like yours and mine

The experience of watching the documentary ‘McQueen’ had a big impact on me. It reminds me of Sarah Jo Marks ‘s words that is ‘Film festivals are arguably the most important springboards for documentaries.’ Indeed, unlike commercial films, documentaries have a limited audience. However, as Dina and Ragan believe that Festivals are needed in films. Sending films to film festivals, especially a highly competitive one, is often seen as a positive method to make a film accessible to audiences. In other words, festivals provide an effective approach for audiences to understand documentaries to some extent.



Dina, L, Ragan, R, 2009, Film Festival Yearbook 1: the festival circuit, St. Andrews, Scotland: St Andrews Film Studies: College Gate Press.

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