How to pronounce the Cannes film festival?

For more than seven decades, everyone in the film world, and lots of people who want to be has migrated to the French Riviera in May for the biggest event of the year, the Cannes Film festival, as we all know, the Cannes film festival has combined glitzy, star-studded red-carpet with long, exhausting days of screenings, meetings and networking.

However, while the most people have a vague sense that Cannes is a big, fancy deal, there is plenty about the event that is mysterious to normal, non-famous folks.Only a handful of films were chosen to be shown during the festival, usually from well-known directors who had worked in Cannes. The Cannes film festival is also widely regarded as the world’s most prestigious film festival, mainly because of its uniqueness and long history, the best film of all time. The festival launched the careers of many famous filmmakers, such as Quentin Tarantino. It is worth mentioning that Cannes film festival carefully cultivated its image by writing a limited number of films. Awards are presented through juries with prominent filmmakers, actors and composers from around the world; And maintain the world’s largest film market.

Winning at Cannes doesn’t guarantee commercial or critical success. It could also drive the film’s success during awards season, such as when it premiered at the Cannes film festival in 2011 and star Jean Dujardin won best actor. It went on to win five Oscars, including best picture – the first French film to do so.But Cannes is more important than recognition; It also affects which films are shown to audiences. One of the most important events for most Cannes attendees is Marche du Film, the world’s busiest film market. “Professional distributors” – movie distributors looking specifically for ways to gain access to foreign, artistic and other niche moviegoers – are often the most important deals of the year at film festivals. Filmmakers looking to fund and distribute their films are in Cannes to connect with financiers, distributors and publicists around the world.

Unlike many other major festivals, such as sun dance or Toronto, Cannes is an industry-only festival. That means screening tickets will not be sold to the public. The festival grants directors, producers, actors, publicists, dealers and journalist credentials that they must apply for and be accepted. Attendees must brush their badges to enter the screening. Wealthy investors and producers – who attend to celebrate their premieres or seek film funding – host parties, rent lush hotel suites and cabins and park their yachts at parties to contribute to the festival’s famous night life. But while the Cannes film festival is known for its star sightings, especially on the red carpet, there are also ways for ordinary people to see a film there without a badge. The festival broadcasts select films for the public every night at 9 PM on the beach. Some film lovers who have no connection to the film industry can obtain the Cinephile badge at Cannes by becoming members of the film appreciation club.


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