The Festival de Cannes known in English as the Cannes International Film Festival which founded in 1946, is one of the three major film festivals in Europe as well as in the world, along with the Venice International Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival. The Cannes International Film Festival is an annual event which usually held in mid-May each year for the period of 12 days. As one of the most publicized and influential event in the world, Festival de Cannes draw attention to and raise the profile of films, with the aim of contributing towards the development of cinema, boosting the film industry worldwide and celebrating cinema at an international level.


When mentioned of the film festival, maybe we often associate it with the red carpet, famous superstars and directors, paparazzi and hundreds of camera flashes. It is no doubt that the ‘Red Carpet Steps’ are the popular part of the festival that attract the most media attention. For the sponsor, the ‘Red Carpet Step’ represent their equally respect and welcome to both worldwide excellent film artists and emerging talents. At the same time, they also take this opportunity to send their honors to the creativity of the film artists.

red carpet

On the other hand, the Festival de Cannes not only the event for the experienced famous film makers but also for those emerging talents. The ‘talent scouts’ team plays an essential part in the Cannes International Film Festival who travel around the world to participate in different kinds of film festivals to explore the most promising new directors. As the development of festival in these years, a series of initiatives launched to support the new directors, for example, the camera d’Or is awarded to the best film presented either in the Official Selection or the Semaine de la Critique, while the la Cinefondation not only receive the short film from film university but also organize the Residence and the Workshop. For many of new film artists, the film festival is a springboard in their film career enable more people to know them. The Festival de Cannes is a great platform for various types of film makers to present themselves as well as exchange their ideas.

The Festival de Cannes build a strong connection with its past and never forget to seek and blend into some new and original concepts. It provides an opening arena for emerging film makers and artists, meanwhile attracting a large number of film fans to know more stories behind the films and further benefit to Cannes’s tourism. During every new edition, new projects generated, valuable experience shared and diverse cultures comprehended: it is this dynamism that makes the Festival de Cannes a great reflection of its times.




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