Feelings after MIFF

This is my first time to take part in the International Film Festival.

Before I purchased the ticket, I downloaded the MIFF app, which gave me a good experience. Users can search the movies they want to watch very quickly and easily through browsing by title, date/time, venue, category, country.


The classification is clear and that saves search time. At the same time, you can also return tickets. Because of cultural differences, I chose two Asian films under the national classification, 《Burning》 and 《Angels wear white》.

After I watched 《Angels wear white》, I thought about the child abuse incident in red, yellow and blue kindergartens in China, but at that time children who were hurt did not get the protection after this event. After watching this movie, I am also very pleased. 《Angels wear white》 is like the Chinese version of 《Silenced》, showing the social taboo topics and the sexually abused children of high social status to the public. This movie is believed to be the best Chinese film in the past decade. It is a thorough female film. It is extremely rare to pay attention to sexual assault against underage girls, such as the one that is not covered by China. But this is only one of the main lines of the film. In fact, the whole movie shows a difficult environment for women to grow up.

As a realist film, the phenomenon depicted in the film will make the audience feel that this is a miniature of China. I appreciate the narrative of the white space of 《Angels wearing white》, especially in the last scene of the film. Xiaomi fled the place by a motorcycle, and the picture was bright and symbolic. But it also caused the audience to think because the Chinese society is very complicated. The change is not as thorough. Nowadays, the society has undergone big changes, but many problems still exist. As far as women are concerned, the problems of human trafficking, coercion, sexual assault, domestic violence and so on are still serious threats.

So when I see Xiaomi riding a motorcycle and riding into the distance, I would like to ask: What should she do after departure? What kind of life will she live?


Maybe she won’t fall, but she will still struggle at the social bottom because she hasn’t been educated by her peers. She doesn’t have family relationships so her life will not be easy. The last scene of the film, bright colors, made me fall into deep thought. This may be the message the director wants to pass to the audience. The story of《Angels wearwhite》focuses on sexual assault and is the status quo of women’s existence. I think movies are not only art but also the media. Movies like《Angels wear white》are not only successful works of art but also a magnifying glass, which magnifies the corners of the society we ignore and guides us to pay attention to those problems.《Angels wear white》is full of power because of this enlargement.

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