Every movie has a thousand interpretations

I always think that every film with deep meaning can get a thousand interpretations. This idea was confirmed by the movie Burning. The director uses a lot of metaphors so that lead to viewers to keep discussing it after seeing the movie. There are many different views to interpret the content of this movie, and audiences even want to unravel the meaning behind the movie many times of viewing. Director Li said: “I think it’s special for the audience to understand the film following their personal point of view. I don’t know what it feels like that they coexist and interpret each other with their own perspectives. ” My feeling is that this film is like a fill-in-the-blank question, leaving the ending to the audience.


“Burning” takes time to digest and precipitate. After watching the movie in the cinema, I watched it twice again at home, and each time I can get a different experience. Maybe this is the essence of the movie. When I watched the film for the second time, I tried to find out if Heimi was killed by looking for clues in the movie. However, when I watched the film for the third time, I realized that this movie is not a movie that needs to seek results. The purpose of the film is not to let the audience understand the whole picture of the story, but to let the audience experience it and use the senses to understand the different levels of artistic conception and meaning. The film has an open-ended ending with a strong discussion, and there is no absolute right or wrong answers. The individuals can get different levels of insights and opinions due to differences in life experience and experience.


In addition to Zhong Xiu and Heimi, or even Ben, Burning explores marginalized people’s desires and values. It is more to ridicule the young people of today’s generation. The core spirit is the “little hunger” and “great hunger” that is constantly mentioned in the film. Little hunger is the basic survival needs of human beings, such as physical satisfaction ( food and clothing ). Great hunger is a human spiritual need, such as seeking comfort, dignity, sense of accomplishment and other feelings of satisfaction. The three tasks in the film are constantly pursuing the satisfaction of great hunger. And each of us is also pursuing great hunger so we will get 1000 kinds of interpretations.


“Burning” seems to be an esoteric and incomprehensible movie. Before watching the movie, I don’t understand the story. After reading it, I don’t understand its ins and outs. The director gave an introduction at the beginning, and leaving a blank space for the audience to play freely. There is no standard answer and right or wrong. Only what is felt in the heart is the most important.

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