Culture and Art Gala in MIFF

Unlike the Beijing International Film Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) does not have an exclusive television or internet live transmission. As an annual film festival in Melbourne founded in 1952, MIFF is also a not-for-profit organization and is one of the world’s oldest film festivals, alongside Cannes and Berlin (MIFF 2018). The events include domestic and international films and industry programs, usually take place in various theatres in the Melbourne CBD. This iconic film festival and the city provides the audience and filmmakers transformative experiences and presents the classic and modern cultures to all over the world.

At the MIFF Fund-supported Premiere, there was a special call to action documentary named Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley came into the sight of audience. Directed by award-winning Nicholas Wrathall, the documentary has presented a clear picture of Australia’s world famous Kimberley region (Australian Arts Review 2018). By showing the conflict between the local government’s mega-mining for pursuit of economic growth and the devastating environmental effects on the aboriginal community, it has directly raised the public awareness of the relationship between human and nature, and reflects the real situation that indigenous citizens are suffering.

14849031513underminestill.jpgUndermined: Tales from the Kimberley

Vividly framing of the nature and aboriginals’ life is the most direct and powerful approach to reveal the culture of a region and the diversity of a country. The argumentative documentary also throws up questions to the audience to allow them to start thinking about what responsibilities they should take in this human and nature relationship, and “always to be a critical thinker” is what the public should learn from the filmmakers and the film industry through films screening. Furthermore, After the screening, there was a Q&A session as the routine, it is also a good opportunity for the audience and young filmmakers to have a deeper communication with the director, producers and cast members. A good storytelling and editing lead a film to success, young filmmakers could be inspired by watching these extraordinary films and get to know more technique skills on the Q&A panel. Meanwhile, the producers could learn from the audience about what and how to narrative better in the future as well, and this information interchanging mode enrich the film festival events.  

As a part of the common achievement of the human cultures, the film has developed over hundred of years, and it is also a mirror to reflect the social presence. Therefore, It is great and necessary to create a public space like film festivals for people to see their narratives on screen. Moreover, participate in a film festival also have significance to the audience and filmmakers. People gathering here to celebrate the spark of human arts and civilization, and promote positive impact on the film industry, which will create a virtuous cycle around the world.


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