Thinking after attending the Melbourne International Film Festival

At 6 pm on Wednesday, August 8, 2019, I joined a few friends at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) in Melbourne. This is my first time to participate in an international film festival. The film festivals I have known in the past are all through TV and the Internet. The MIFF was held on August 2, 2019, and it was closed on the 19th. The movie I watched with my friends was UNDERMINED: TALES FROM THE KIMBERLEY, which was released by award-winning director Nicholas Wrathall. The main content of this film is that large mining and pastoral areas not only cause the original environment. Threats also threaten the sacred connection between Aboriginal people and the state. And Australia has the highest proportion of Aboriginal people living in Australia, so this film is shown in Australia. For me studying in Australia, this documentary is representative.

webwxgetmsgimg (1).jpg


Before I joined MIFF, my impression of the film festival only stayed on the red carpet of stars or filmmakers. However, after attending MIFF this time, I learned that not only those red carpet events, but also a large number of high-quality films are available for audience to enjoy. Besides, audiences can not only enjoy the films, but also meet and communicate with the main staff of the film before the release. The film creators will introduce the film concisely. After the movie is over, there will be a question-and-answer session between the audience and the film creators. It is very different from the previous audiences simply going to the cinema to watch the movie.


After the film is over, the question and answer session between the filmmakers and the audience

In addition, the venue of the festival is extremely important. The film I watched was held in a theater in Melbourne CBD, and the design in the theater is very pleasing.

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Theater corridor for film festivals

It is also important to point out that by looking at the movie playlist of MIFF this time, I found that not all movie types are exactly the types and hobbies of movies that are shown in the cinema. Most of the films exhibited at the festival reflect more of a certain social problem and have practical significance. Maybe such a movie is more boring than a science fiction movie or other movie, but this is the movie that the festival should show. Filmmakers use the form of film to reflect the problems of society and the world. This way is more intuitive and more convenient for communication with the audience. Through the art form, the existing problems in the real society are shown, which is not only ornamental, but also can arouse the audience’s enthusiasm to participate in it. In addition, different countries have different cultures. Showing films through international film festivals can also promote cultural exchanges between different countries.

After I participated in MIFF this time, I got a better understanding of the film festival. The film festival is not only a platform for filmmakers to display their works, but also a platform for communication between filmmakers and audiences. It is also a platform for reflecting reality through movies. Moreover, the Melbourne International Film Festival shows films from different countries, and it also represents the gradual development of the globalization of film culture.



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