The significance of the festival to the audience and filmmakers

The festival is an activity that promotes the art of film and raises the standard of film art. It is also to reward valuable and creative films, promote exchanges and cooperation between filmmakers, and provide a platform for the development of film trade. With so many film festivals in existence,  is it worth it to submit to an unknown, brand new festival?  Audience and filmmakers as two important characters in the festival, the answer varies.

  1. Filmmakers

For the filmmakers, festivals present a significant way to market their film at a reasonable rate. There are opportunities to network within the industry.  Get feedback from audiences and judges.  Share tips and information on topics from technical aspects of filming to location hints.  Introductions are made and collaborations born.  Shopping films on the festival circuit can be both grueling and very satisfying and the grind can take its toll.  But the passion and fortitude of the filmmaker is without refute and the time, energy, and effort they put into not only telling their story but tirelessly working to bring it to audiences on the festival circuit is greatly appreciated by festival directors, other filmmakers, and especially the audiences.图片 1

To the audience, support these cinematic artists. Seek them out at festival receptions and Q&A sessions, say hello and thank you.  Let them know their efforts are appreciated, important and entertaining. It’s a two-way street, the filmmakers need an audience and the audience needs the filmmakers.

  1. The audience

Filmmakers bring life, culture, and art to our eager eyes, and as the audience we have a very important job. To respond. To spread the word. To gush and talk about our emotions that surfaced during the film. The audience, in fact is the most important element, especially for indie and perhaps not “mainstream” films. The mainstream films, well most of them, are great. Crowd pleasers and tear jerkers. But film festivals bring out the best aspects about film. In a film festival, boundaries are broken and the rawness of film comes out. A film festival takes work, but the outcome is not only beautiful, but groundbreaking for the audience. Has a film ever brought you to tears, made you laugh until your ribs hurts, or seriously made you think about things you may have been hiding away in your consciousness? The audience is one of the most important elements of a film festival. Successful film festivals not only attract the attention of film lovers, but also expand the scope of the audience. Local supporters in the region are the first target group, and people like to participate in local festivals, shows and nightlife.


Another reason to attract audiences is the artistry of the festival. Since the 21st century, the development of the festival has paid more and more attention to the combination of art and film. Live performances and art exhibitions are often arranged in the festival. Finally, the audience structure of the festival is often complex. It is necessary to attract people who don’t like movies or know nothing about movies. Through the excellent festival planning, the film festival will bring them unprecedented inspiration and experience.



Film festivals feed a discerning audiences’ desires 2007, , Greensburg, Pa.

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