Melbourne International Film Festival feature: Capital

Last week I went to the Melbourne international film festival seeing a gorgeous film “undermined: Tales from The Kimberley”.

The film is incredible and reminds me of one of the theories in the film festival study: capital, which elaborates the process of showing the film festival’s value. The events included the main actor’s interview who comes from Kimberley, Q &A sessions, filmmaker appearance and film display.

The film is taking some ordinary stories happened to people who live in Kimberley, where is located in north-western Australia. The Kimberley was one of the earliest settled parts of Australia, with a population of less than 40,000, the earliest arrivals landing about 41,000 years ago. The story is so moving and illuminating, which may illustrate four different types of capital.


Economic capital:

Film festival may attract more attention from the public and in some way, attention means economic. Attention is a resource to catch people’s time, money and feedback to the film and film festival.

For example, there is few people know the history and situation of Kimberly, where people are struggling to survive and protecting their homeland. After some events in the film festival and movie screening, the audience will discuss, reflect and engage, calling for more people to pay attention to the problem. For Kimberly, they can attract more tourism to develop travel industry. For a talented director and actors who with good acting skills will also have more exposure opportunities.

Social capital:

If I don’t go to the film festival, as an international student, maybe I never know there is such a place named Kimberly in Australia, there is such a group people are fighting for their homeland and so many moving stories. It shows the social capital for the film festival, providing a really awesome opportunity to open a new world in Kimberly which is precious.

The most important purpose of the commercial film is making profits. So They will focus on catering to the taste of the audience. However, the situation of art films is difficult, for example, they have to face the lack of investors and the docking window, lack of funds, lack of art theaters, the audience’s partial eclipse, and the rising cost of the public. It is impossible to change the status quo overnight, but the existence of the film festival can provide a good introduction, announcement and even survival platform for art films.

Cultural capital:

Undermined: Tales from The Kimberley’s director hope Melbourne have a strong sense of culture and identity, people should respect every state and nation’s cultural and customs. Film Festival has the ability to provide chances for the audience to communicate and share vinous ideas and values, not teaching but telling stories.

Symbolic capital:

The film festival is one of the most popular and easy ways to educate the public and it becomes a brand showing films which have high quality and rich connotation. There are not a single, entertaining and consumer movies, but a diverse and rich.

Melbourne International Film festival can develop a target for the city improving the power of influence all over the world.


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