How Melbourne International Film festival become a tastemaker

Actually, one person’s life is monotonous because there must be limitations and regrets in limited time and experience. The improvement of taste is not something that can be successfully improved in a short period of time. It may take a lot of effects of reading books and experiencing a lot of things. However, the film festival provides an opportunity for people to enjoy some best spiritual artworks around the world in 10 days. In that process, these rich and diverse cultures can even change a person’s cognition. In the most straightforward way, the directors unified all kinds of things and styles about history, war, life history, human pursuit, and spirit in their own film work. It is presented in a lively picture, and it brings the value to the audience same complete as a masterpiece. People can realize that they are truly knowing the world they live in, thus improving their aesthetic and taste.

The film festival can help people beyond to the surroundings and always stand in the life as an independent personality. The audience’s perspective will be more distant and broad, which can enrich one’s experience. And the ideas and concepts can be multi-faced, the spiritual enlightenment of the creative can be harvested from different angles.


As a tastemaker, a film festival is part of the integrated structure, which helps to maintain the belief in the independent value of the art film, thus achieving the continuous production and reproduction of the art game “game”. I saw the main actor and filmmaker on the stage, listening to their feeling and comments and some story behind shooting the film. At that times I start to know the film festival not only the gathering of films but the blending of some independent and free souls, which inspire the audience a lot. Maybe someone recognizes some social phenomenon, but they will not face them so real and direct.

A good movie condenses the essence of too many people’s minds. Through the experience of scenes, stories, dialogues, etc. in the movie, we will certainly have some influence, just like reading a book, so we have found another a confidence, like a portrayal of oneself, is a kind of feeling that is hard to tell. The so-called poetry book, in the modern society with reduced reading, through film and television to enhance personal temperament and taste, in order to replace a part of reading, I think, it should be a trend.

Art is inspired by life but beyond it, that may be the film festival is a tastemaker means.


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