Focusing on the power of young filmmakers: FIRST International Film Festival

FIRST is an International Film Festival held in Qinghai Province, China every year. In July, media workers, filmmakers and fans from all over China come to Xining City, Qinghai Province, because of FIRST. The FIRST International Film Festival was born in the civil organisations, so its atmosphere is the most relaxed in China. Since 2006, FIRST has sent many new young filmmakers to the film industry every year. As the council of FIRST has mentioned, FIRST is involved in the current Chinese youth film industry in the form of a film festival, focusing on the early films of outstanding young directors.

Icon of FIRST

The main part of the film festival is composed of competition unit, exhibition unit, theme forum, young filmmakers training camp, youth film project venture capital meeting and so on.

There are also many special events in the FIRST International Film Festival. On the one hand, they have attracted the attention of the public. On the other hand, the organization of special events is worth learning by us. In this blog, I will highlight three special events in the FIRST.

Industry exhibition of FIRST

Firstly, the Industry exhibition. FIRST Industry exhibition was set up in 2017 to extend the viewing chain of high-quality film products and establish an equal platform for dialogue and cognition between film products and the film industry. This special event shows the films by young authors, providing special screening opportunities for festival industry guests prior to Festival premieres. There is no doubt that through the platform guidance of the industry exhibition, the filmmaker and the capital can achieve a fair and professional transaction here.

Secondly, the youth film project venture capital meeting. FIRST venture capital aims to provide a communication platform for young filmmakers, film projects and film industry. As a financing platform for young filmmakers, FIRST Venture Capital has set up training workshops, on-site proposals, and make appointments for the filmmakers and the investors. This event opens up a more comprehensive perspective for producers and other industry representatives to achieve a win-win situation.

At last, the young filmmakers training camp. A high-quality film course, which invites world-renowned filmmakers to give 12 Chinese young filmmakers a four-day training course every year. It aims at refining individual style and cultivating independent director consciousness at the limit of time and minimalism. In 2018, FIRST training camp conducted 10 days of classroom teaching and live shooting. The young directors will participate in the short film creation practice during the training camp and attend the premiere of the short film collection.

In my opinion, the above three special events are the brilliant designs in the FIRST Youth Film Festival. These special events not only provide opportunities for film producers to communicate, but also provide a platform for film producers to connect with the film industry. Through the review of the FIRST, I know that the film festival is not only for the audience to enjoy the arts, but also for the better development of outstanding film producers. As a youth film festival, FIRST focuses on the strength of young directors and makes greater contributions to the film industry. In the memory formation mechanism of contemporary film history, FIRST provides the world with a polysemous sample of Chinese youth films.


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