Every film need deep consideration in MIFF

Actually this is my first time to join in a film festival. I have seen some festival ceremony via TV channel and in my mind, the film festival is some judgers rank the film and give some film evaluation. Normal audience could not join in it. I heard the MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival) before, but I have never experience it. So, in this semester I choose this course to take part in this event.

In the lecture, tutor introduce the film festival to us and invite us to see a film named “Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley.”  To be honest, I did not have any interest when I heard this title. As we all know that in Australia, they protect the indigenous people and culture. As for me, indigenous culture is too far away from my life. I do not have any understand to this culture. But when I look at the film introduction on the website I have an initial realize about this film. And 8th August is the date of World Premiere screening. After the film there has the Q&A with the film’s director, producer and subjects. I feel excited for we have chance to ask some question to the director directly.


Last week, my friends and I went to Forum Theatre. The film start time is 6pm, when we got there just have few seats left, and have a long quene outside. The film is a documentary. In the normal documentary movie, director just shoot the story and add off-screen voice. But in this film, director focus on the first-person perspective and let the movie more active and let audience have some deep consider after the film.


When the film finished, there have a Q&A. Some audience asked some question about the film and I really like this part. Q&A could have a directly communication with the producer and have a deep understand of this film. The producer could also know what audience feeling.


All above this I think this is a special film to see and MIFF is well organized. As the first step, the MIFF had a good propagandize on the internet. They have their own website and social media. We could get the film information and calendar on it. It also had the membership for people to watch more movies. Location is also great, organizer select Forum Theatre to show this movie. The atmosphere is gravely and have huge space. All the volunteer in this film festival is well organized and have experience to service customers. All the volunteers joined in this event and enjoyed it.


In this semester, we also need to organize a film festival. I think we could do some activity similar as MIFF just like Q&A, post some advertisement of our own film festival on FB and Instagram. Every classmates could join in it to have a great experience and memorize.

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