Angels wear white: Too much anger, too less thinker

This film is a tragedy but also it is the truth we have to meet in every single day. This film is telling a story about two teenage girls who had been raped by a man. However, their parents can do nothing with that in that the man has some reputation and power on their region.

One thing need to worth it is the name of this film, the English name called “Angels wear white”, the Chinese name is named “Carnival”. Being in this big complex society, everyone has the secrets with themselves, and you can see nothing wrong with some decent, beautiful person, so that there are too much temptations and uncertainties attract teenage girls. Hence the name carnival has the sarcasm meaning underneath the surface. According to the name, director Wen Yan gave his unique meaning onto it, “we live in an era like a carnival, very glamorous, very incomparable, there is no way to stop, there is no way to think about the people and stories behind. I just want to talk about the stories behind all fascinating. “

However, in the other hand, in contrast to female characters, the males in the film are weak, helpless, self-interested, there is no positive appearance of the prisoner Liu, the police and obstetricians who faked the certificate, the hotel manager who crushed the staff, the brother who beat the girlfriend. This does not mean that the film is a feminist film, but the director is asking, the male should speak. At the end of the film, the heroine was riding a white dress and riding an electric car to gallop, and once again set foot on the drifting unknown. Just like the film’s English name “angels wear white” no matter what her future encounters. In the Golden Horse Awards, he won three nominations for Best Drama, Best Director and Best Actress. Carnival is the only Chinese film that was selected as the main competition unit of the Venice Film Festival this year. And also this is the second feature film of the female director Wen Yan, after four years of preparation and one year’s play, this is not an adaptation of an irresponsible social news event, but a long-lasting attitude after deep thinking. She said that she hopes that this film will provide a starting point for discussion, not just an emotional catharsis.


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