The significance of the MIFF for the Audience

The Melbourne International Film Festival(MIFF) was the first time for me to watch a movie during a big film ceremony. Because of the professor’s recommendation, I selected a documentary named UNDERMINED: TALES FROM THE KIMBERLEY. It shows in depth the contradiction between Australian indigenous civilization and modern development.



The film is completely out of the realm of commercial film. In fact, if there is no such platform as MIFF, there will be almost no cinemas willing to release it. Similarly, any audience will not watch this type of movie as a daily entertainment. The core values of MIFF are independence, high performance, inspiration, creativity, integrity and good governance. Such a goal is also destined to the original intention of the establishment of MIFF, the purpose of culture is greater than the purpose of business. Furthermore, its existence is no longer just for the audiences to kill time. The audience that enters MIFF is also purposeful, that is, to understand the culture, Melbourne culture, Australian culture even world culture. The MIFF gives the soil for the survival of documentaries and non-commercial films and gave the audience an opportunity to face the real life and real culture of society. The audience no longer has to watch it like the commercial film, through a strong visual effect or a beautiful fictional world, to fuzzily understand the reality by themselves that the director wants to convey.

However, because MIFF is not profitable, its publicity intensity and scope have become very limited. For example, there are very few advertisements, whether online or offline. In addition, the cinemas that show movies are very limited, and the quality of the projection equipment, the cinema environment, and the amount of filming are far from being comparable to commercial films. This has led to a very limited number of audiences who can learn about film festivals and watch these movies. This also means that the impact of the MIFF on the audience is limited. So how to attract more capital investment, how to introduce more valuable movies, and how to expand the professional influence of the film festival are all things that should be considered to attract more audiences.

It is still necessary to admit that the Melbourne International Film Festival, which has been in development since 1952, has not been ranked in Class A, but it has contributed greatly to the Australian audience’s deep understanding of their culture and the culture of the world. At the same time, it is precisely because of its lack of popularity that it can give audiences the opportunity to watch niche films and learn about small regional cultures.


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