MIFF is not just watching movies

I have watched four movies in this year MIFF, Angels wear white, McQueen, Cold War, and Climax. And the McQueen attracted me most, which was shown in Comedy Theater. When I got there, there were only several seats left. What a popular movie. The movie is about one of the most famous designers in the world, McQueen. He was a British fashion designer and couturier and worked as chief designer at Givenchy from 1996 to 2001, and founded his own Alexander McQueen in 1992.  His achievements in fashion earned him four fashion-related awards. The movie just simply described the McQueen’s whole life, how talented he was, how he started his fashion life, how he got upset etc. from the angel of McQueen himself and his families, friends, and colleagues. It was just a biopic but so attractive. No one talked, no one left. You would be happy for his success and upset for his loss. There were two main turning points in his life, one is the death of his best friends, Isabella Blow, the other one is his mother. The latter one caused his suicide in some way. At the end of the movies, many audiences cried for his death. I saw plenty of amazing designs in the movie and his tempestuous life as well. Even though I didn’t know him a lot, I felt sad about his suicide.

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