College Students Original Film Contest – The Beginning of Young Filmmakers

College Students Original Film Contest (CSOFC) is an important competition unit of the Beijing College Student Film Festival (BCSFF). It was established to inspire young people’s original motivation and to better explore and cultivate new talents in film and television. So far, it has been successfully held for 19 sessions, and the annual amount of enrollment is around 4,000. This competition is widely recognized by both domestic and foreign university students and film industry and has become the oldest and most popular video competition for students in the Chinese-speaking region.


CSOFC consists of four competition units: feature film, animation, documentary, and experimental short film. There are many small prizes in each unit, especially the best original music award and the original screenplay award. The awards partly broadened the contest’s reach, giving more opportunities to more young people.

Due to limited funding, most of these original films are short, about 30 minutes, and are now known as “microfilms”. However, this is still an indispensable opportunity for new filmmakers. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for the whole Chinese film industry to find talents with an inclusive vision. Hao Ning, a new generation Chinese director, is a good example. In 2001, he took his DV film Thursday, Wednesday to the eighth original film competition. Equipment and funding constraints still do not prevent an imaginative person from telling a story. Although the time is short, his film style has been found to be different. Perhaps the name is rarely known, but when it comes to Crazy Stone and No Man’s Land, Chinese audiences are already familiar with them. What they don’t know is that Hao Ning has already set the stage for his last two masterpieces in Thursday, Wednesday.



Meanwhile, it is worth noting that in 2006, just five years after Hao Ning won the best director award in the College Students Original Film Contest, he achieved a box office score of over 100 million with an investment cost of 10 million with the movie Crazy Racer. This made him became the fourth mainland director to enter the 100 Million Yuan Club after Yimou Zhang, Kaige Chen and Xiaogang Feng It also made him be called as “ghost director” in the new generation.




Young people’s film festival, all opportunities are reserved for young people who are prepared. When the creation of new filmmakers is faced with a large amount of money, what choice should they make? Everything is unknown. The significance of the College Students Original Film Contest lies in that the winner can never forget that he or she was discovered because of “original”, which should be the motive force supporting him to go further and further in the future.



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