Chinese director, Zhangke Jia, founded the Pingyao International Film Festival (PYIFF)

In the past, when it came to good influential movies, it was easy to think of Hollywood movies or Japanese movies or Indian Bollywood movies. But now Chinese films are growing at a speed that cannot be underestimated.

What is a good movie? Those movies that really come from life are good movies, because life is the best script. Ash is Purest White, Still Life, Mountains may depart. These are all very popular Chinese movies. They are all made by outstanding Chinese directors, Zhangke Jia. Without being a star, without a gorgeous background, only a few people’s ordinary life, is a high score film.

Zhangke Jia, a non-governmental director from the grassroots level in China, pursues the image of “penetrating the reality of the image”. He is a maverick, using camera language to depict the cost and fate of ordinary people in an era of great social transformation. He bluntly criticized the lack of attention to real life in contemporary Chinese films: the fourth generation was obsessed with ethics, the fifth was obsessed with historical fables, the sixth was intoxicated in urban rock and roll, the Chinese film group surrendered to Hollywood, sinking into the vague unrealistic themes, Zhangke Jia was strong in Chinese reality. Intense humanistic concern is particularly valuable. Jia Zhangke’s image world is gradually becoming a special way to understand China and reinterpret the realism of Chinese films.

贾樟柯  Zhangke Jia

Zhangke Jia also founded the Pingyao Film Festival, with former Venice Film Festival chairman (PYIFF), renowned Italian film critic and historian Mark Muller as its art director. Film festival will mainly show non-Western films, aimed at enhancing the contact and cooperation between Chinese films and non-western, developing country film practitioners. The first Pingyao International Film Festival was held in the ancient city of Pingyao, Shanxi Province, from October 28 to November 4, 2007.


Pingyao is the hometown of director Jia Zhangke. In order to enhance audience participation, the PYIFF has set up an audiences’ evaluation system at the Pingyao International Film Festival. The audiences who have watched all the films have participated in the selection and selected the “most popular film” among the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the premiere, the most popular film at the Film Festival and the “most popular actor” and “the most popular film” among the five units of the Cenozoic era in China. Commended the actress. The finalists of the first Pingyao International Film Festival come from 18 countries and regions respectively. The film originates from all over the world, which fully reflects the professional orientation of “small stature, big pattern” of PYIFF.

Like many international film festivals, PYIFF also features a retrospective/exhibition module, with the theme of Jean-Pierre Melville’s Centennial Retrospective Exhibition in 2017. At the press conference, Art Director Marco Muller officially released 10 film lists for the retrospective, including “A Day in the Clown’s Life”, “Silence of the Sea”, “When You Read This Letter”, “Gambler Bob”, “Father Leon Mohan”, “Eyeliner”, “Solo Killer” and “Shadow Army”. “Red Circle” and “Police Officer” ten latest restoration films, a comprehensive range of director Melville in different periods of film creation.


The Slogan of PYIFF

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